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India has a rich musical heritage. It is interwoven in our culture and has been intrinsic to our history, mythology, and stories. It has the power to rouse people and is known to move people to tears or even fall in love! I wanted to explore the science behind how music can heal. The therapeutic powers of music have been known to mankind for ages, but music as therapy has never been widely practiced in our country.

I have learned classical music since I was 6 years of age, so I always had musical inclinations. During my work trips to the USA, Canada, Australia, I realized that people there don’t just learn and practice music; they use it as a method to heal. That’s when I decided to move back to India and the idea of Anahat Music Therapy was born. I underwent 18 rigorous months of training to become certified as a music therapist.

We call ourselves the Sonic Tonic and we are harnessing the power of music to transform people’s lives by stimulating the brain into enhanced states of harmony, peace, and well-being. I have seen changes in the responses of autistic children and in the behavior of patients when I sing to them. We have transformed 4,500+ lives including those suffering from lifestyle diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, stress, depression, and even physical ailments!

I believe that it is important to create more certified music therapists so that more people can be cured through this practice. It is with that vision that we have started our workshops and training sessions that teach aspiring therapists the basics along with the right tools and techniques enabling them as Govt Approved practicing therapists. With Instamojo we have been able to maximise the sessions getting over 100 registrations enabling a larger group of people to discover musical rejuvenation.

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