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I am 16 year old Ananya Mehra, also known as Ananya the artist. Art is my language. I love communicating through my paintings. While I have always been dabbling in water colour paintings and art, it was a sudden idea in 2020 that got me wanting to do more. I created a 2021 calendar with 12 different paintings of flowers, each depicting a month. Then, with the help of my elder sister, we got it printed and uploaded it on an Instagram page.

Initial compliments from friends and family soon turned into great reviews and orders started to come in. I also started to get multiple customization enquiries. People were reaching out to me to create personalized cards, stationery and I even created a recipe book for a chef with my paintings bringing his food alive! I have created the 2022 calendar with a bunch of popular memes that I added month names to. The novelty of the theme is what has made it immensely popular.

was multitasking like crazy, getting the art orders done between homework, online classes, and exams. But the love of doing something with my art was my biggest motivation. I love that my parents and my sister constantly support me. They keep wanting me to do great artwork and always encourage me to pursue my passion.

I have been planning calendars, journals, and lots of other products that I hope to introduce on my Instamojo online store soon. I dream of growing up to pursue art in some way – could be graphic design, illustration or the likes and I hope my story inspires other girls my age to start following their dreams.

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