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The power to curate the life that you want is in your own hands. This is the biggest learning of my life and literally the truth behind what I do today. I had this intrinsic love for art. At one point in time, I did consider taking it up seriously with a lot of encouragement from friends and my professors. But my role as a Cardiovascular therapist, helping patients wean off the Ventilator always took precedence.

I finally decided to give my art a serious thought during my post-graduation days when I came across clay moulding and miniatures. I was fascinated by the details of something so small and spent hours watching videos learning how to capture the tiniest details. I invested my stipend in buying polymer clay and other material needed and then went through a period of trial and error. I was learning everyday and the initial pieces were a disaster. I worked on controlling my hand pressure and the technique of pinching and moulding the clay till I got the pieces that I was proud of.

In 2019, I set up my Instagram page and was garnering a good following and orders when Covid hit. As medical professionals, we got busy saving lives. Every waking hour was at the camps or the hospitals and it was an emotional upheaval to see so many deaths and unhappiness around. I knew then that I had to get back to creating miniatures. These cute, and quirky miniatures made people smile. My collection includes Pancreas and Kidney keychain charms. And of course, there’s the heart charm as well. I curated these little pieces to spread love, hope and happiness during these hard times. My doctor friends are so proud of the medical organ key chains. Some of them often request custom orders.

There were quite a few challenges in this journey because I was doing everything myself – from procuring material to figuring out the orders. Plus, the top polymer brands were all international. They were unavailable for import, so I had to search for local alternatives which matched the specifics. The only thing I didn’t worry about was the eCommerce backend because, with Instamojo, it was so easy to set up! All my eCommerce needs were taken care of. Today I am creating food miniature collections – with ‘India on a tiny plate’ – and hope to make foodies happy with it. This is my signature; creating fond memories in miniatures.

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