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I always wanted to be a baker. My fascination for cream, colourful frostings and fondants started early. I became the official dessert maker for family get-togethers and when friends came over. My career, however, took me down a different path. I found myself in a corporate job as a chartered accountant even though I had left my heart back in my baking tins.

I clearly didn’t want to be in the world of finance and went back to the world I knew best. And that’s how Caramella was born in 2015. When I started baking commercially, I realized that passion and talent weren’t enough. I had to learn the finer nuances of the art and understand how to run a business. I was lucky enough to do an intensive baking course at the Academy of Pastry Arts in Malaysia but there are so many of us who have a passion for baking but need the right skills to make it into a career.

That’s when I rewired Caramella to include classes and tutorials for budding bakers. My brand doesn’t just make cakes and desserts, it also trains people in the finesse of baking. My students range from homemakers from small towns of India to kids that want to get their hands into cookie dough!

Instamojo has been a great partner in this metamorphosis. It has helped me take my short courses and workshops to people who want to become professional bakers. It has made a world of difference to me and my students. I am on this sweet journey and will continue to create fine bakers with the right skills and more knowledge, together with Instamojo.

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