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To serve world-class cuisine to people in my country I had to first learn how to make world-class cuisine. It’s not all fun and games as they portray in the food shows. I lived the struggle when I went to Europe. Becoming an apprentice in a Michelin star restaurant like Petrus and learning from a chef like Gordon Ramsey wasn’t the easiest task. But the grounding that I got has played a huge role in setting up my ice cream business – Eatally.

That and the fact that I fell in love with the ice creams in Sicily – an island in Italy. I worked my way into learning the art of it because I had never tasted anything like it in India. When I decided to start Eatally, the driving force was about giving people in India, especially smaller towns, a taste of International quality ice cream.

Indians have grown up eating ice creams usually made with milk powder and a handful of flavours. While there may be options today, high quality, international brands are far too expensive and inaccessible. I wanted to change the equation. I use local ingredients, real milk and cream and create a variety of unique flavours and tastes that are internationally inspired, India made. Eatally is all about luxurious, artisanal ice creams.

I sometimes deliver orders by myself to homes in Pune. The real reason is that nothing can beat the smile on their faces when they receive the order. It is the inspiration for me to keep churning out new flavours every month.

Me and Eatally have a long way to go but the start has been good. With an online store, thanks to Instamojo, the order line is full.The challenges are offset by the positive feedback of the customers and their growing love for the brand.

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