The world is not a sensitive place for persons with disabilities. We learned this the hard way when our son was born with congenital problems. As a society, we do not know how to accept someone who is different or diverse because we are so set in our templates of normalcy that we cannot look beyond. No school ever teaches how someone can be different in terms of looks or habits, shape, sound or colour, and still be normal.

We wanted to bring about a change in the way we think and create a more inclusive society. That’s when we conceptualised Ginny – a doll with a radial club hand and high power glasses. Ginny has her own personality. She has the same dream in her eyes as little ones her age, the same love for the rain and running around, and football!

Ginny’s Planet is our endeavour to make society accepting of disabilities and diversity through stories and workshops. Through Ginny dolls and the workshops, parents can teach their children to accept real-life Ginnys as friends and as one of them. We hope the children grow up to be thoughtful adults and drive this change.

The future is taking shape but there is a long way to go. With Instamojo we are traversing that journey. The day we have children pestering their parents for a Ginny doll, we will know we did well.

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