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Kriti Henna founder Aparna Sampath
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Kriti Henna is all about love and traditional wisdom that’s been passed down through ages. It’s a brand built on strong roots that can’t be easily uprooted. From just a few orders to hundreds every month, we’ve experienced incredible growth in the last 3 years. The brand is actually named after my daughter, Sukriti.

Our focus is on creating organic products that address specific pain points, putting our customers right at the centre. The journey of a product starts with me choosing a particular pain point and jotting down formula ideas in different folders on my laptop – skin, hair, arms, legs, you name it. Then, the testing process begins in my work studio. Every formula undergoes rigorous testing on paper and in reality.

It’s been 3.5 years since Kriti Henna set up shop, and what sparked my interest was my grandmother’s treasure trove of knowledge. I embarked on multiple online courses to understand formulations and delved into researching the properties of different oils, herbs, and plants.

As the orders grew, I decided to streamline things with Instamojo – India’s largest #D2CTech platform. This allowed me to manage orders efficiently and maintain a well-organized catalogue of products. Thanks to our Instamojo premium store, Kriti Henna is accessible to customers and prospects 24/7. You’ll find over 15 product categories, with each product page meticulously refined and polished to perfection.

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