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Pregnancy is a life-changing event for every woman. For me, it was doubly so.
I was struggling with nutrition needs post-delivery and didn’t want to rely on supplements. That’s when I came across real, healthy smoothies in a café in the US. It became my staple food over the next few days & months as I drank up glasses of fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts blended in one delicious drink.

With my return to India, I had to resort to making these smoothies myself because there were not too many options out there. And that’s how Pulp Brew was born. I wanted to provide nutrient-rich smoothies to working professionals and mothers like me. There are so many working moms & women, who do not have the time to focus on their health needs. With Pulp Brew they would just have to empty a pack into a blender to get their daily dose of nutrition! No powder, no additives, not even whey. Just the best of real ingredients, frozen when they’re at optimum consumption levels. In fact, our smoothies provide18 gms of pure protein with just natural ingredients!

The challenge is multifold. People think they have healthy options in juices, but we don’t really read nutrition labels let alone understand them. I don’t just have to compete with the other brands but also have to change people’s mindsets. It’s not just about selling a smoothie but also about educating people about how eating natural and whole, greens, antioxidant-rich food can change a person’s lifestyle and improve their confidence.

There is a long way to go but with Instamojo as a partner, I am convinced we will get there soon. We want to be chosen by fitness seekers, sports enthusiasts and moms like me. With every smoothie pack I make, I come closer to telling people what the real healthy choice is and help them take a step towards a life that is wholesome, happy and energized.

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