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There are beautiful and unique art forms in every village of India, waiting to be discovered by the larger population. My parents taught me a deep sense of respect for the artisans and craftsmen who have been creating the most wondrous pieces over generations. Their work forms the bedrock of art and culture in India.

They have, however, always been concerned about the fact that these artisans have never got the due recognition or remuneration they deserve. The concern multiplied many folds in the midst of the pandemic that brought the craft ecosystem to a halt. Artisans who had been struggling to make ends meet were on the verge of closure.

It is then that we conceptualized Shilpkriti, a platform that would connect the rural artisans to the rest of India. It would be a way to channel a better livelihood for them, give their work the stage it deserves, and fruition of my parents vision for the artisan community of India.

Shilpkriti is on a journey of unearthing the best and most unique rural art and handicrafts by showcasing and selling them to a wider audience
powered by eCommerce.

With Instamojo as our partner, we have been able to scale up fast, moving from Orissa to other parts of the country. We are adding more artisans to make it a 300-people strong community. Our dream is to make Indian handicrafts a part of daily lives, creating demand through the pieces and unveiling the history behind each piece while also giving the artisans back their lives. With Instamojo, I am certain, we will touch several artisans lives and preserve our culture for generations to come.

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