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Now save time and money by letting our intelligent payment orchestrator do all the work. Add as many payment gateways as you want, automate payment routing and spend less on transaction fees!

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How does mojoFlow help your
growing business?

Save lakhs with our experts negotiating optimal pricing, eliminating hidden charges, and ensuring fair rates on all payment modes. Directly onboard to banks, bypass gateways, and secure the best deals effortlessly.

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Ease of use

Get full control by adding or removing payment gateways in just one click

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mojoFlow payment Instamojo

Seamless integration

We onboard, negotiate and optimise your payment processing

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Best conversion rates

Every transaction is routed to the best-performing payment gateway in real-time

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Instamojo MojoFlow payment gateway

Bring your own Payment Gateway

  • We leverage our ability to route payments to multiple
payment gateways from a single checkout
  • You have full control by adding or removing payment gateways in just one click
  • Our platform offers intelligent and automatic fee optimisation across all instruments and payment modes

Your convenience is our priority – Do everything with one dashboard

  • Manage all your payment gateways on ONE platform
  • Streamline your checkout workflow
  • Get beautiful, fully custom-branded checkout flows
  • Manage disputes, refunds and reconciliations
Manage your payment gateway
MojoFlow payment gateway

Automated smart routing for the best success rate

  • Every transaction is routed to the best-performing payment gateway in real-time
  • Experience an increase in conversion by 15%
  • Want more flexibility and control? Choose your own routing!

Experience higher conversion rates with a checkout workflow that works for you

  • Store credit cards for customers with better completion rates
  • Get real-time access to all checkout abandonments
  • Transfer payment fees to buyers as convenience charges
  • Maintain full PCI-DSS compliance at all times
Payment gateway checkout
Instamojo mojoFlow

Save on tech and developer costs

  • With an easy plug-n-play model, integrate multiple payment gateways
  • Let us monitor success rates so that you maintain zero payment downtime
  • Get omnichannel methods to collect payments like payment links and landing pages
  • Get easy access to REST APIs, App SDKs for Android and iOS

Choose from any of India’s leading
payment service providers

Payment gateway service providers

How to start with mojoFlow?

How to choose payment gateway

Choose your preferred payment gateways and inform our sales team

Payment gateway API

Follow their instructions and get the necessary API keys


Integrate payment gateways with Instamojo

Integrate these payment gateways with your Instamojo dashboard

A small glimpse into our customers

mojoFlow Instamojo
mojoFlow Instamojo

FAQ’s for mojoFlow

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Instamojo Support Center or write to

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Why should you choose mojoFlow?

How to start with mojoFlow?

What is intelligent routing?

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