2022 wrapped: What was Instamojo up to? (An infographic)

(Last Updated On: February 2, 2023)

Instamojo has had a hell of a year. This year did mark the global recovery from the horrific pandemic, but it also had its fair share of challenges. There was the Ukraine war, a global economic slowdown, mass tech layoffs, the monkeypox outbreak, etc.  But we pushed through.

We had a singular vision – Make this brand into India’s simplest online selling platform. And we delivered. 

What else did we achieve this year? Let’s have a look.

Exciting new launches!

eCommerce owners needed quick effective ways to reach customers, collect leads, collect payments, and track their business performance.

Introducing the Instamojo Smart Pages!

The mind-blowing reception of these landing page builders was an indication that we could do more, and offer more.

In June, we released the premium version – Smart Page Pro. 

New product features that rule

As a company, we believe in constantly improving the services that we offer. Businesses evolve and so do their needs.

2 super-duper campaigns

We had two major celebrations this year!

On 27th June, we celebrated International MSME Day! And had an even bigger celebration in September when we completed our 10 years. 

We also talked to more than 200 business owners to understand their deepest concerns. 

Our eCommerce whitepaper “The eCommerce Trust Report“, published on our 10th anniversary was a nod to the ladder that small businesses have to climb to get customers online.

New resources for the D2C business community

Our #D2CTech platform strives to go beyond just selling services. Its imperative for entrepreneurs to know “How to sell”.

Growth tools, business growth strategies, technical know-how, performance boosters, eCommerce playbooks, we had it all! 

Growth on mojoVersity – Our digital learning platform for SMEs

This year was big for our learning platform-moJoverity. We introduced three new courses that you can sign up for at absolutely zero cost.

Learn how to build a team that helps you achieve your organisational goals with this course by Springworks.

Become a superstar on Youtube with this fundamental course and also grow your business on Instagram with this course. Both courses have been curated by our in-house experts at Instamojo.

Our 2023 promise 

We are looking forward to a year that is better and bigger.

Our goals range from becoming a profitable entity to increasing our scope of service for D2C sellers.

We also will stay faithful to our commitment to social media sellers by onboarding them onto their own websites seamlessly and effortlessly with Instamojo – a #D2CTech platform.

2023 is going to be a year of awesomeness. Be a part of it.

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