Been there,*Not* Done That: How Lost Lama is Redefining Experiential Travel

How Lost Lama is redefining experiential travel
(Last Updated On: September 29, 2021)

Exploring heritage Chettinad mansions in Karaikudi? Witnessing the Ramayana in Bali? Cruising down the Nile in Egypt? This is experiential travel at its best, and we are hooked!

If experiential travel is your new thing for 2019, then Lost Lama is the company you need to contact. Now!

There’s a saying that it’s better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times. If you love travelling and experiencing that one different thing in any place you go to, Lost Lama will show you just what you need to do.

Lost Lama is an experiential travel company, curating authentic travel experiences, in India & abroad. This agency is the brainchild of Aanchal Dua & Nishant Mathur, who are passionate globetrotters themselves.

How Lost Lama is redefining experiential travel

Lost? Lama can help.

This travel agency was created to make travelling easy for those who don’t have the time to create a planned trip. When founders Aanchal and Nishant started the company, they wanted their customers to know what to do wherever they go.  Lost travellers can find a map, a customised plan and authentic themed experiences on their website.

When asked why the name Lost Lama came to mind while creating their company, co-founder Aanchal said that their audience base could find solace with their brand, if they ever felt lost or confused to plan a trip. Instead of going to big companies and spending huge amounts for the same old sightseeing, Lost Lama helps discover places through experiencing their culture, food & participating in authentic local experiences.

How Lost Lama is redefining experiential travel

Redefining Experiential Travel

Lost Lama caters to everyone bitten by the travel bug. If you are looking to experience travel just a little different from the rest of the crowd, you are in the right place.

“ We are not just another tour company selling packages, we are selling experiences. Be it planning road trips, or curating culinary trails or bike rides along the Konkan coast, Jungle safaris, Heritage walks or Wildlife photography, we want our customers to experience and enhance their passions, with the help of our expert guides.” – Nishant

How Lost Lama is redefining experiential travel

Spa? Photowalk? Bali?

Lost Lama curates travel experiences to unconventional places like Karaikudi, Meghalaya, Auroville, Fort Kochi and if you want a global escape, Bali, Egypt, Italy, Singapore and many more.

The unique agenda with Lost Lama is that they have gone niche from a regional to a global presence. Their top packages include those that have a different experience tangent to it.

For example,

  • Karaikudi –  Our customers experienced a heritage tour of the 10,000+ abandoned Mansions.
  • Pondicherry– Our customers experienced the spirituality of Auroville (a universal township), where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony, above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities.
  • Bali – Travellers opted for a different honeymoon experience by experiencing a luxurious stay in a Balinese villa and immersed themselves in traditional massages & the mesmerising culture.
  • HongKong – Foodie customers enjoyed a gastronomical adventure in the Causeway Bay area known for its nightlife, numerous top restaurants & limitless shopping. 
  • Macau –  Luxury-loving travellers experienced sheer finesse at The Venetian, a reputed hotel worthy of the stars.

We believe that travel is an experience and not a product. Thus, we wanted to make our customers experience things hands-on, rather than being mere spectators. We want our audience to be completely immersed in the experience & absorb the culture, traditions and pure essence of the place.” 

Tackling Roadblocks:

It wasn’t always easy to attract prospective travellers, thanks to a large number of existing travel agencies. Just like any budding startup, Lost Lama met with a few challenges too. While the initial outlook seemed vague, the travel experiences spoke for themselves and soon enough, the requests began to come in.

“ It can be difficult at first, but you can stay at the top of your game, simply by believing in your brand, your product and knowing what your customers want”

How Lost Lama is redefining experiential travel



With the onset of bookings pouring in, Lost Lama folks had to source their payments online. Customers from all over the world were making bulk travel bookings on their website. This led to the need to collect all payments online.

“ We were facing a challenge of using our own Payment gateway. Around this time, we heard about Instamojo from our friends who worked there. They helped us come up with a brilliant solution to use Instamojo as a payment gateway.”

Lost Lama has been using Instamojo for over 2 years to collect all their online payments and the seamless process has made it possible for Lost Lama to track all their online payment transactions and avoid any issue with customer bookings.

How Lost Lama is redefining experiential travel

Just like Lost Lama, Instamojo helps several travel companies set up a base and collect payments online with ease. Check out how other travel businesses are using Instamojo.


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