Gift your Business a Free Payment Gateway

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(Last Updated On: June 6, 2021)

It’s the season to treat yourself, so gift your business a FREE payment gateway.

Has the thought of collecting payments online made you pull your hair out? Fun fact, that’s actually how our founder, Sampad started Instamojo. Tried to monetize a newsletter, couldn’t collect payments and wham, Instamojo – a payment gateway!

Today, we’re enabling individuals and small to medium size businesses across India to collect payments. And it’s no longer a herculean task, you can, too! Here’s how:

Save Time and Trees

We care about your time and the environment. Get started instantly on your payment gateway, without any paperwork. Simply upload your PAN Card and bank statement and your payment gateway is ready!

No website? No problem!

Whether you’re a freelancer, photographer or a digital artist, we’ve got you covered. You don’t need coding or technical knowledge to use Instamojo. Our easy payment links work like a charm for those pending payments you need to collect from clients.  It’s as easy as sending an SMS literally.

Also, share it anywhere you like – WhatsApp, Facebook or even Email!

Take it easy!

We understand the pressure of running a business, heck, we’re doing that ourselves. So, we’re making it easy on you – we only earn a small amount when you make a big one.

No set-up fee, no annual or monthly maintenance, and no minimum monthly billing. Just a flat payment gateway transaction fee for all your transactions. Still, have doubts?

Instamojo also offers you a FREE version for your business. Check out the Instamojo Zero Convenience fee.

Track your sales anywhere!

Did you just get paid? We notify you by email and real-time updates on your Instamojo dashboard. What’s more? The Instamojo Android App helps you track your sales and updates on your phone. You can even share your payment links right from your phone!

Do more with customer insights

As you build your customer base, Instamojo offers you insights into your customer behaviour. Instamojo analytics helps you make data-driven strategic business decisions.

Focus on your business, we’ve got payments covered for you. After all, we’re not a payment gateway, we’re more than just a free payment gateway. Try for yourself.