5 Business Podcasts Every Business Owner Should Listen To!

(Last Updated On: August 24, 2022)

This year, listen to engaging business podcasts from some of the best hosts out there, offering good, interesting content.  Don’t know where to start? We have you covered. 

Here are the top 5 business podcasts on our list to get you hooked!

The Indian startup show

Hosted by Neil Patel, the weekly podcast promotes young and established startups and the brains behind unique businesses.

The podcast aims to bring important issues to the forefront, and how enterprising Indian entrepreneurs are changing the face of business by tackling these problems.

Indulge in some interesting conversations with founders of parenting websites, travel companies and schools operating on Artificial Intelligence.

The speakers also talk about their inspirations, their plans for the future of their businesses and of course, themselves.

Business Wars

Every day, businesses are at war. Some are worth watching from the sidelines, some, you need to get right into the ring for an immersive experience.

Hosted by David Brown, former host of Marketplace, this podcast gives a good peek into business wars of giants like Nike vs. Adidas, Netflix vs. HBO vs. Blockbuster, McDonald’s vs. KFC and so many more.

Some of these business battles ended in economic paralysis and broken buildings, and now, it is entertainment for anyone who has heard of the big guns. The host analyses some of the most epic business failures, brand competitions and company fistfights. The entertaining commentary by Brown allows for an uninterrupted edge-of-the-seat audience involvement.

Outliers by Factor Daily

Hosted by Pankaj Mishra, this podcast follows the stories of inspiring CEOs, founders, and business people who went against the grain, who dared to do more when everyone else took a backseat.

The host chats up the country’s most out-of-the-box thinkers, leaders in innovation and people who believe the customer is king.

The podcast has hosted the likes of Ashish Hemarajani, CEO of BookMyShow, Ananth Narayanan, CEO of Myntra and other business geniuses. The Outliers podcasts are sure to help you slip out of the Monday blues faster than a strong cup of coffee.

The Asian Entrepreneur

A powerful podcast platform that delivers good business content and brings to you wisdom and insight from some of the best entrepreneurs in Asia. The show dives deep into the minds of famous and aspiring entrepreneurs.

The show is hosted by Rajeev Unni Krishnan, a veteran in leading teams in several MNC’s. This is the perfect source to understand the Asian way of business.

On this audio talk show, speakers converse about their business journey, what keeps them motivated in the face of challenges and encourage other aspiring business enthusiasts to kickstart their idea.

Monocle 24: The Entrepreneurs

Monocle 24 takes listeners through a weekly tour of the most inspiring people, companies and ideas in global business.

The podcast takes you through a global palette of startups, business leaders, and inspiring conversations. It features entrepreneurs with unique business ideas from all over the world and helps young and aspiring entrepreneurs to bring their brands to life. 

What podcast is Instamojo listening to right now?

Seen and Unseen – a podcast by Amit Verma is every Indian entrepreneur’s go-to podcast. The podcast started off looking at the unintended consequences of public policies and then evolved into a deep-dive interview podcast. Guests like Shashi Tharoor and Madhavi Menon have made their presence and offered pearls of wisdom for the podcast.

If you enjoyed listening to Amit Varma’s podcasts, you know the content includes a lot of research, material and time. Since the podcasts are free, you can voluntarily contribute here.

Once you click on the amount you wish to contribute, it redirects you to the Instamojo payment link.

Introducing our own business podcast – mojoMakers!

We have so many small businesses making history on our platform. There are 45 million+ small businesses in India that operate from tiny nooks and corners of the country. 

They are your neighbourhood chaiwallahs, your tailor aunty, your mompreneurs! We call them the mojoMakerspeople that put the magic or mojo – in Instamojo. To tell their stories, we created the mojo makers business podcast, where we talk to unique businesses from every corner of India and we bring you stories of hustle, business struggles entrepreneur failure, and share the joy of successes.


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