How Camp Roxx Hosts Over 25,000 Guests At Their Campsite

(Last Updated On: December 22, 2020)

Back in 2009, father-son duo, Sunil and Sameer found an ideal spot to open their own campsite – Camp Roxx! 

Sunil’s love for the mountains and his hospitality industry expertise made Camp Roxx a promising venture from the beginning itself.

His son, Sameer was working as a freelance content writer at the time for blogs based in the UK & the States related to marketing, music and cinema. Soon, he joined his father to run Camp Roxx full-time! 

We got talking to Sameer to get more insights into their business and his journey as an entrepreneur!

Setting up Camp Roxx

“After my first visit to the campsite (then still under construction), I felt inspired to do something different with the place. And moreover, the content was our strength from the very start. It made sense to combine the two” – Sameer.

Coming from an Arts & Commerce background, with no experience in the industry, the journey for Sameer has been difficult, yet extremely fulfilling.

“I had to continually sacrifice a LOT of Saturday nights with friends to understand how this business works.”- Sameer

According to Sameer, finding the right set of people in the camping industry is extremely challenging. They managed to overcome this by outsourcing and it’s worked wonders for them.


7 years on, the response has been overwhelming! Their team strength is now 18 and they’ve hosted over 25,000 happy guests!

“To travel is one of man’s core desires and camping is no exception. A weekend getaway right in the nature’s lap can never go wrong”- Sunil

How Camp Roxx caters to its audience

The idea behind starting their own campsite was simple – the trend of visiting commercial hill stations was dying and people from Delhi really needed to escape more often to the hills without having to travel long distances.

Camp Roxx is a great getaway for corporates and families, who are looking for a more rustic and natural setup.

They have a lot of exciting things chalked out for the future. “We’re looking at increasing inventory and getting some add-on facilities that can spruce up the place a bit more.

“Think 3D art installations, water based activities, more adventure activities etc.”

Sameer is confident of the prospects of growth in the future because more than 85% of their business is through word of mouth and repeat visitors. They also have been using other marketing channels, with social media taking the lead.

How Camp Roxx uses Instamojo for payments

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