How Caramella uses Instamojo free online store to run a tutoring business

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(Last Updated On: March 31, 2022)

Leaving her budding CA career behind, Ketki Barfiwala bravely stepped into the world of baking, a dream she had since childhood. From a baking business, she converted Caramella into a learning hub for aspiring bakers.

And to give wings to her dreams, she used Instamojo to launch her business online. In this blog, we’ll dive into how Caramella uses Instamojo free online store to grow their baking tutoring business online.

From selling baked goods to teaching baking

Ketki founded Caramella as a baked goods brand. Using Facebook and Instagram, she successfully sold cakes and cookies. After completing an intensive baking course at the Academy of Pastry Arts in Malaysia, she realised that there are so many who have a passion for baking but need the right skills to make it into a career.

And so, she transitioned Caramella to provide baking tutoring service. The brand now sells delicious cakes and desserts, and conducts online workshops. And the biggest benefit was that she could teach people all over the country, while her baked goods business was limited to just her city.

How did Caramella transition from baker to baking instructor?

Ketki started her business on social media (Facebook and Instagram). She would post pictures and videos of the cakes and desserts she made. And customers would contact her via DMs. Thus, social media is the primary customer acquisition platform for Caramella.

Once she started her online workshops, Ketki had to change both her marketing strategy and how she onboard her clients. Here are some of the new needs Caramella faced after the transition to a baking training brand:

  • Attract people interested in learning baking and not just cakes
  • Create content around baking – mini baking tutorials, reels, etc.
  • Build trust among potential customers
  • Find a more efficient way to collect payments
  • A more shareable portfolio apart from social media

Thus, Caramella started a whole rebranding process. She started shifting from a baker to a baking instructor. As a result, she created educational content on simple baking. Caramella slowly built a community of passionate bakers online. And this helped her get clients for her baking workshops.

Getting clients for online workshops

To get signups for online workshops that Caramella conducts, they needed a more sophisticated way. The solution to this was starting an online store where Ketki can showcase her available workshops.

Caramella online store

Check out the Caramella online store.

Here are the benefits Caramella gets from their own eCommerce website:

  1. Build trust among potential customers with a professional storefront
  2. Neatly showcase every workshop event with clear descriptions
  3. Reduce clutter (information doesn’t get lost as on a social media feed)
  4. Collect payments hassle-free by offering her customers multiple payment options

Here’s how Ketki showcases her expertise and presents her workshops on Carmella online store. Customers can easily signup and make the payment:

caramella product description
Caramella product page

Thus, Caramella had a smooth transition to an online baking tutor with the help of Instamojo. Hear it from the founder herself:

“Instamojo has been a great partner in this metamorphosis. It has helped me take my short courses and workshops to people who want to become professional bakers. It has made a world of difference to me and my students. I am on this sweet journey and will continue to create fine bakers with the right skills and more knowledge, together with Instamojo.”

– Ketki Barfiwala, Caramella

Want to get your own professional online store for your business? On instamojo, you can sign up for a FREE online store, just like Caramella. Get started today!

How baking businesses can grow online with Instamojo premium features

We have discussed the free store features and how baking tutors (or tutors in general) can use it to get clients online. Now, let’s look at how your business can grow and scale online with Instamojo premium stores.

Email marketing

For any type of coaching or tutoring business online, SMS marketing is the best way to convert your existing leads into customers. Once you grow your email list, you can create email campaigns directly from your Instamojo dashboard.

email marketing on instamojo dashboard
Setup email marketing campaigns on Instamojo online store

Run effective discount sales to boost sales

Running discount sales is a proven method of getting more sales. On Instamojo premium store, you’ll get access to a discount engine which you can use to easily generate discount codes and links. Share them easily across your channels and generate more sales. You can run a limited time deal and convert customers quickly.

A beautiful online store

On the premium version of Instamojo, you can unlock beautiful themes that suit your brand and product. This will attract more customers as it increases your credibility. Here’s a sample template for a baked goods store:

Online store theme for food business
Online store theme for food business

Start your own baked goods store online

Whether you’re starting a retail business or a tutoring business online, an online storefront can showcase your expertise in the best way, keeping your customers coming back for more. Get started today on Instamojo and create your own beautiful online store.

Start your own online store

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