3 Effective Cart Abandonment Solutions for Your Online Business

3 Effective Cart Abandonment Solutions for Your Online Business
(Last Updated On: March 16, 2022)

Finding the right cart abandonment solutions could boost your sales by 20% because your customer can go from a potential visitor to making a purchase via your strategies.

When the majority of them abandon their carts, businesses can lose over $ 4.6 trillion worth of merchandise. This seems scary, but it is a problem that requires foolproof solutions.

If you are aware of what cart abandonment strategies are, it becomes easier to adopt the steps required to implement them. Fortunately, we have the 3 most effective cart abandonment solutions your business can strategise to get your customers to make the sale.

Top 3 Effective Cart Abandonment Solutions:

1. The 2-step checkout process

A Baymard report showed that over 27% of customers shopping online abandoned their carts because the checkout process was too long and required them to fill out way too much personal information.

Create a quick 2 step checkout process. First, the user fills in name and email ID. After this, they navigate directly to the checkout page where they input their credit card/bank account details to make the purchase. This way, in case they abandon the cart halfway before the transaction can be completed, you can reach out to them via email re-marketing.

To make customer’s checkout experience easier, allow them to opt for the ‘Guest’ option. This will allow them to make a purchase without necessarily creating an account. Many customers do not want to create accounts because they could be purchasing a gift or they could be insecure about sharing too much personal information.

3 Effective Cart Abandonment Solutions for Your Online Business
Image Source: Luma

2. Retargeting and Remarketing

Sometimes, your customers do not leave their personal information on the website before their cart is abandoned. Retargeting your potential customers is one way of dealing with this situation. Enable cookies on your website to track your customers’ website habits and target them with ads when they visit other websites or log in social media with the same browser.

3 Effective Cart Abandonment Solutions for Your Online Business
Email remarketing – source: Kate Spade

An effective Email remarketing campaign can do wonders to bring back your customers to the checkout page and make a purchase. Once you get the email IDs of customers, you can remarket to them by sending an email asking them to complete their transaction. Design matters here. Lure them back with an effective email design that promptly allows them to checkout through the mail itself.

3. Upsell and Cross-sell

Have you ever noticed while shopping, you see items in a section labelled ‘You might also like’? This is cross-selling. Customers review their items long and hard before clicking on checkout and could change their mind about the need they have for the product. They are so close to making a purchase, and they could abandon the cart simply because they feel they don’t need the product that badly.

With upselling, you can show your customer alternative products they will need. Do not upsell them by showing an item not related to one they were trying to buy, just slightly upgraded. Are they buying a baby stroller? Show them the latest baby cribs. The customer already has a need, you need to feed it.  Recommend products personalized to their interest, based on what they have browsed, searched and added to cart.

3 Effective Cart Abandonment Solutions for Your Online Business
An example of cross-selling with personalized recommendations

In conclusion

It is imperative to customize your checkout page to allow customers to have easy user experience with minimal obstacles. Maximise conversion rate with Crazyegg, an effective and fun tool to analyze why your customers dropped their purchases in the cart. Crazyegg has a heatmap to show you where people abandon your cart.

Carry out an A/B test to see how effective your cart abandonment strategies are working. This will help you understand better where you are going right, instead of just relying on gut feeling.

Other measures you can try out include reducing shipping fees and use live chat so that your customers can address any issue before they make a decision. Invest in good email remarketing design so as to get them hooked onto the content and prompt a purchase.

Speaking of email re-marketing, have you checked out our Mailchimp app on the Instamojo app store? It is an easy to use email marketing tool you can avail to easily capture dropped off buyers.

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