4 D2C eCommerce marketing campaigns that made our hearts flutter

DTC eCommerce marketing campaigns
(Last Updated On: January 12, 2023)

The season of love is here! Some of these DTC brands have decided to celebrate love through witty and heartwarming marketing campaigns for Valentine’s Day in 2022!

Here are 4 Valentine’s day D2C eCommerce marketing campaigns that honestly just made our hearts flutter! 💓

1. Ugaoo

Ugaoo is a D2C eCommerce brand that has made a name selling plants online. For valentine’s day, they started the campaign “Grow with love”. And it is a lovely idea where a customer can gift a plant to another person. You shouldn’t only have to love humans, but also other soul-nurturing objects like plants! 🪴

Buy a plant for a loved one under the “Grow with love” campaign and watch them also shower it with all their affection.

Ugaoo Grow with love
Source: Ugaoo

You can also start a campaign where you can associate emotions with the products that you sell online! That also helps bond with your customers and gives them a reason to buy from you.

2. Man Company

The men’s grooming online store – The Man Company, started Valentine’s day celebratory campaign called “The Scent of a Gentleman”. 🤵‍♂️

As part of the campaign, they conducted several contests that engaged audiences on social media platforms. This intelligent campaign used social commerce to grow its brand awareness along with increasing brand engagement!


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You can also conduct similar contests or giveaways or “Tag a person” interactions to ensure people watching your content not only have fun but also build a community.

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3. Boat 

One of the biggest D2C eCommerce brands in India – Boat, took an innovative marketing campaign route this Valentine’s week. Their campaign ‘Love Out Loud’ celebrates everything about love! Apart from engaging fun social media posts around relationships, this consumer electronics brand also conducted a themed sale on its website.

DTC eCommerce Valentine Marketing Campaign
Source: Boat

Small homegrown D2C brands can also take similar paths during special occasions when people are in the mood to gift their loved ones. Consider themed discounts, coupon codes, flash sales, and product bundles to increase your sales!

4. Melorra

An online jewellery store – Melorra, created waves across the eCommerce community with their sweet and thoughtful Valentine’s day D2C eCommerce marketing campaign.

Their campaign “LoveStartsWithSelf” wanted to spread the message that love always starts with loving yourself. ❤️

They partnered with Ayesha Ahmed, a millennial favourite as the face of their campaign. This is a classic example of influencer marketing that your brand can also be inspired from.


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A post shared by Melorra (@melorra_com)

Considering the kind of traction influencer marketing has in the social commerce economy, utilising influencer marketing helps you form emotional bonds with the existing followers of influencers.

Keep in mind, when partnering with an influencer, select someone who will appeal to your target audience.

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