A Journey of a Single Mother Becoming India’s First Divorce Monk

Vani Kabir Divorce Monk Instamojo blog
(Last Updated On: May 18, 2023)

Vani Kabir is a single mother, an upcoming author of a fiction series, brand strategist and a Global TEDx speaker. 

She is also fondly known as The Divorce Monk. 

Vani Kabir is the brains and soul behind India’s First Divorce Summit, a session to help people cope with heartbreak and divorce, a topic still hushed in our society. 

We got in touch with Vani Kabir to know more about her super successful venture. 

A little about Vani Kabir – The Divorce Monk 

Vani Kabir is changing lives.

But besides that, she is a Brand Strategist and a Senior Creative Director at an advertising firm in Delhi. Vani has been chaperoning hundreds of people since last 3 and a half years. Her difficult journey through her own divorce 6 years ago opened her mind and soul to the conversations that must be had outside homes, within trusted circles. 

Therefore, Vani set out on a mission. She wanted to help those who go through a process of separation with empathy, support and give them the confidence they needed. If anyone is suffering from a bad marriage but are unable to find their voice to get out of it, Vani Kabir reaches out to them. 

Vani Kabir Divorce Monk Instamojo Blog
Vani Kabir

“ I believe relationships are there to bring peace, happiness and growth, not pain, misery and degradation. I decided to be The Divorce Monk giving strength and courage to people who are in this hellfire.” – Vani Kabir, The Divorce Monk

How did she become the Divorce monk India needed? 

Vani got married at 19 and divorced at 28 with a 4 and a half-year-old son. At that time, she endured the gruelling process alone, thanks to the stigma it carries.

She chose to take her son’s name as her surname after separating from her husband and resurrected herself as Vani Kabir.

Cut to three years later, Vani is adamant to help people who are afraid of separating from their spouses. And now she is widely known as Vani Kabir – The Divorce Monk.

India’s First The Divorce Summit 

Vani sought to go beyond her social media prowess as a Divorce Monk and wanted to get out and help people, bring them to a common, safe space. That’s how The Divorce Summit happened. 

The Divorce Summit was a whole day workshop to help people work through their bad marriages, manage divorce, and rebuild from the journey and that too bravely. During this session, attendees also got to experience: 

  1. Interactive emotional activities to find out where they stand
  2. Coping strategies to help one through a bad breakup 
  3. A 60-page workbook with empowering exercises 


vani kabir divorce summit instamojo blog

Breaking barriers and taboos

Divorce is a no-no word in India, even in 2020. The divorce rate in India is 1%. Only 1 out of 100 marriages end in divorce, not because these marriages are happy ones, but because society does not allow couples to separate in peace. 

In fact, India has the lowest divorce rate in the world. For one of the largest economies in the world, this is bad news.

Vani Kabir wants to change the way India sees divorce. For her, only bad marriages end up in divorce, never the good ones. She knows it’s going to take a long time to be palatable.

Vani doesn’t advocate divorce, but she doesn’t advocate bad marriage either. She also believes that broken families should not create broken children, because when 2 people get divorced, children get divorced too.

And through her sessions, she guides many parents who are going through a divorce, on how to deal with your child and also help them.

“ Even in countries outside India, divorce is a taboo. I chaperoned people there too, their horrors are less but are still there.” – Vani Kabir, The Divorce Monk

There is hope

Vani wants the government to pay attention. The courts are a miserable place for heartbroken people. People who get a legal separation are already emotionally battered and the process of courts just adds to the trauma.

According to her, the Government must introduce special policies to help single parents raise children and have custody.

They must ease rules and bureaucracy for single mothers and fathers. When there are children involved, the separation must be handled with utmost care. There should be provision for therapy, and all parties involved must be taken care of. 

vani kabir divorce monk instamojo blog

“ The lawyers, the mediators, the system needs to understand the support broken people need. The right people should be put at the right place. Emotionally unstable people cannot build the country. All this has to happen now. Because you know what – Divorces are made in heaven too!”  – Vani Kabir, The Divorce Monk 

A Writer | A Monk| A Mother 

Vani did not become a Cannes Gold winner and 4 times TEDx speaker overnight. She took to the online space to write to her readers.

People all over the world found hope after reading her work. Vani Kabir knows she was born to write, and through her words and speech, help people who want to be happy. 

In her words and speech, Vani sees herself. She does not preach, she speaks from experience. She sees how her coaching could help her too. When you heal others, you heal yourself too.

“ Writing is my prayer, my go-to place when I am confused and I need divine intervention, I get that through my writing.” – Vani Kabir – The Divorce Monk

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The first print of the books is here! YAY! A workbook that promises that you will never look at your emotions the same way again. This book is a lot of hard work, a labor or love. A GIVE AWAY FOR THE ONES WHO COME AT THE DIVORCE SUMMIT ON 18th jan 2020 | Delhi Divorce from relationships and marriages is a very hard battle. A battle I so wish none has to go to but each day I meet people who do. And my heart goes out to them. I am with you. Always. And now you will also have this book as your companion. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 INDIA’s FIRST DIVORCE SUMMIT to help you EXPAND YOUR THOUGH PROCESS and help you with your emotions. Give you tricks and techniques that will help you love yourself again, before you decide to love another. To help you help your child. From single parenting, to dating again, to handling your grief, to building your dreams again. We got your back! ……………………………………………. Link in bio. #vanikabir #thedivorcemonk #indiasfirstdivorcesummit #divorcesummit #forthebrokenhearted #heartbreaking #singlemoms #singledads #singleparenting #longtermrelationships #divorcesupport #heartbreaksupport #helpeachother #changeyourmindset #needofthehour #emotionalbooks #emotionalintelligence #bookstagram #booklover #bookclub #vanikabirbooks

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How Vani Kabir Uses Instamojo

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Vani Kabir Instamojo payment gateway integrations for small businesses

And she found us! Vani uses Instamojo to sell tickets for her event – The Divorce Summit. She integrated Instamojo’s payment gateway onto her website, which allowed customers to quickly click on the event and register. It also helped that there were several online payment options for people to choose from. 

“ Oh! Choosing Instamojo helped us a lot. Seamless integration, wonderful service and so easy to manage. What more can you ask for! It was a boon for my team!” – Vani Kabir, The Divorce Monk

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