Feature Alert: Automate Sales Reports to your Inbox Now!

(Last Updated On: June 6, 2021)

At Instamojo, we believe in customising your experience. We know how you feel when you have to go looking for something, especially when you need it immediately. We understand that and like to put a magical spin on our features to make it easy for you to use.

Case in point: Sales Reports

While we send you a weekly sales report with numbers comparing to your last week to your registered email, you can get a detailed report of your sales in your Instamojo Dashboard.

The Sales Report feature essentially allows you to download details of your sales – who made a purchase from you, how much and when. A typical sales report looks like this:

Sample Sales Report

So, What’s New?

You may already be using the sales report feature for your business. But with our new Sales Auto Export app, you can automate your sales reports and get them delivered to your inbox at your convenience.

Awesome! How Do I Get This?

You can automate your sales reports in just 4 simple steps.

Step 1: In your Instamojo Dashboard, head over to the “App Store”

App Store

Step 2: Scroll down to locate the FREE Sales Auto Export App:

Sales Auto Export

Step 3: Select the frequency at which you want to receive your sales reports:

Sales Auto Export

If you choose Daily: You will receive your reports every day at 1 AM
If you choose Weekly: You will receive your reports every Monday at  2:30 AM
If you choose Monthly: You will receive your report on the 1st of every month at 6 AM
If you choose Quarterly: You will get your report on the 1st of every quarter (every two months) at 6 AM

The report will be sent in.CSV format to your Inbox.

Sales Auto Export

Try the new Auto Sales Export app today.

Why Use Instamojo Sales Report:

Instamojo’s sales reports allow you to track your transactions. This can help you with accounts and bookkeeping. Also, in case of disputes, you can pull out transaction IDs and resolve issues at our Dispute Resolution Center. This comes integrated with your Instamojo account and Online Store.

Your Instamojo Online free Store is your very own website. You can customise your store as per your brand. It also comes loaded with features like Shopping Cart and more.

Discover a new way of collecting online payments today! Try the Instamojo experience now.


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