Gaysi Family: Bringing South Asia’s ‘Gay Desis’ Under One Roof

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noun – 

A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

It’s 2022, communities are getting bigger, and some have their own flag! With Gaysi Family, a community means something more. To know more, we got in touch with Sakshi, a member of the Gaysi Family, and this is their story. 

What is the Gaysi Family? 

Gaysi Family was started as a blog to provide a voice and a safe space to ‘desis’ (people from the South Asian Subcontinent) that identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Queer+ (LGBTQ). 

What began as a simple idea; sharing stories about being gay and desi (thus, Gaysi!) has evolved into a safe space too. Gaysi regularly hosts a roster of authors from all over the world, diverse content creators and online visitors. 

An LGBTQ haven – both online and offline

Since 2011, Gaysi Family has also created offline spaces to screen queer films, hold book reading evenings, and open mic events –  ‘Dirty Talk’, with known artists, celebrities and people from the queer community. 

That’s not all, they also have fun events where different members of the community can just come and enjoy an evening “chilling”. you have their badminton tournaments ‘Flick-it’ or the crowd’s favourite – trivia nights or “Can you repeat the question?”.

The community also has a self-published queer magazine, called The Gaysi Zine.  

Gaysi Family and Instamojo
Zine Bazaar

Being a Family

“We think the most unique aspect of Gaysi, is our family-style of working and creation. A lot of the content we create for the community comes from the community” – Sakshi 

Gaysi Family does not leave you on ‘read’. The team are in constant contact with people who reach out to them and are always on the lookout for collaborations and partnerships with creative mavericks from the LGBTQ community. 

“ Our writers, illustrators and other creators have all come from first being a part of the online family that have watched our work and engaged with it. It’s something we are proud of and immensely appreciate.” – Sakshi, The Gaysi Family

Does an LGBTQ community space have challenges?

True, being a safe space for a community that is still marginalised by a conservative society has its challenges, but for Gaysi, it’s easily tackled! 

Like many content-driven companies, Gaysi faces a big challenge in getting their work as wide-reaching as possible, especially with a brand image primarily focused on an English- speaking audience. 


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Gaysi is trying to bridge this gap by pushing more content in languages beyond English with their Regional Language Content series, and by making sure the physical zines getting printed reach as many spaces as possible. 

If people are entering the digital space, the Gaysi family saw value in grabbing opportunities in the physical space. Members of the LGBTQ community in the hinterland lack resources, or even a basic understanding of how to cope with their identity. This is where the Gay Zine comes in hoping to create awareness even in remote corners of India.

Funding can be a challenge for spaces like this too. Luckily, brands like Tinder and Levi’s have actively promoted projects with Gaysi and even collaborated to make some great video content! 


What’s in the future for Gaysi?

The team at Gaysi is always looking at new ways to create and disseminate information. 

“In the future, there are definitely going to be a lot more zines, events, and a blog that covers as much as we can under the sun on topics that need to have a spotlight.” – Sakshi

Gaysi Family - Instamojo
The Gaysi Family Magazine

And this is where we come in….

Gaysi Family is a business that believes in empowering the LGBTQ community. They give voices to people and help them become the best versions of themselves! 

They have been with us for a while too! 

“ We started using Instamojo way back in 2013 primarily for our offline event’s ticketing services and since then there has been no looking back. For a small organisation like Gaysi, Instamojo fits perfectly as the commission fee is on the lower side. “ – Sakshi

What makes using Instamojo so easy?  According to the Gaysi Tribe – 

  • The quick payment link generation,
  • The simple UX of the website
  • The customer service 

“Over the years we have recommended many of our community family members and friends to give Instamojo a try. “

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