How Gokhale Events Bring Indian Art, Entertainment & Culture To a Festival Near You

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(Last Updated On: November 18, 2020)

Remember when we were kids, and our parents told us we could be anything we want to be? Cut to 20 years later. We are working bees, our paintbrushes, guitars and pottery books catching dust in the showroom. 

Luckily for us, there are people and platforms who can help with that. Gokhale events is one such platform.

Founded by Naveen Gokhale, an enterprising young man with abundant love for the arts, Gokhale events is a meeting ground for art lovers. When we say art, we don’t just mean a canvas and a brush. To understand a little more about what Gokhale events do, we got in touch with Naveen to know more about the brand. 

“ Gokhale Events is an Art, Entertainment & Training company.  We’ve been hosting events, conducting workshops, training people in different areas of art; anything that falls under the gamut of being creative.”

Bringing all of India’s creative minds to one – field? 

Gokhale events do not restrict their workshops and events in one building. They encourage people to explore their creativity in an open field, whether it is pottery, painting or just jamming to a few tunes together. 

“ We started Gokhale events; in fact, a lot of us who have organised many events before this venture – to create an ideal platform for any artist who loves to contribute to society.” – Naveen 

How does this help? Naveen and his team of event-ers want to go above and beyond just hosting and organizing. Connecting various artists from all over the country, the team wants to create a huge community space in the lush hills of Chikmagalur. 

“ We are also looking at hosting various art events, workshops, and festivals across the globe in a few years. We want to spread the word about Indian arts and culture – and let our artists do their best!” – Naveen 

Naveen Gokhale - Founder - Gokhale events - Instamojo Blog
Naveen Gokhale – Founder and CEO of Gokhale Events

Malanad is calling… 

Naveen is also the founder of Malanad calling, an annual music festival right before the monsoon season begins in full swing. 

Almost like they are welcoming the rains to the hills and plains of our country, Gokhale events have pioneered the event with a stellar lineup of artists and musicians from all over India. 

“ This is a festival organised for artists by the artists in my hometown – Chikkamagaluru. It brings together people who have a true passion for the arts, some who want to sing and some who just want to feel like they are part of a community.” – Naveen 

The Malanad Music Festival started out as a small gathering in 2010. It eventually grew into a music festival gathering crowds from all over the country. Artists, nature enthusiasts, musicians of all genres celebrate their individual independence by connecting with other artists and sharing their creative skills with each other. 

“ This annual event is not just about musicians performing on stage, it’s about the entire art community coming together to create an experience that everyone will fondly remember and eagerly wait for the next one.” – Naveen 

Malanad calling takes place in February! Book your maha shivaratari tickets here before they run out! 

Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment… 

If you have reached the article thus far, you are definitely an interested aspiring artist. Rest assured, the team at Gokhale events are working hard to host a calendar chock-full of events. 

Gokhale events will be hosting events and workshops that are centred around nature conservation, arts and culture. Wit their nature workshops, you can choose trekking, hiking, yoga, photography and more. The art workshops are Gokhale are diverse – from pottery to the intricate Japanese art of origami. 

Gokhale Events - Instamojo blog

But it is the Malanad music festival that generates abuzz around this time of the year. The event startup is always looking for prospective artists to collaborate for their entertainment events. 

A peek into the future for Gokhale events:

Gokhale feels like it’s struck gold in a country with such abundant culture, history and unused field space,

“ Our long-term goals are simple, we are here to create a platform for artists and an art community to develop and encourage the importance of Art and Music.”  – Naveen 

When we ask if there are challenges, he agrees that like all startups, his venture has faced a few. 

“Our biggest challenge is to put together a niche crowd for our events/ workshops. We always look for organic traffic for our events/workshops, hence it becomes quite challenging sometimes.” – Naveen 

Naveen and his team rely on trusted peers, word of mouth marketing and social media to connect and reach out to the public. 

Payment Gateway for Events:

The team needed a trusted online payment gateway to collect ticket sales. A friend mentioned Instamojo. Soon enough, Gokhale events signed up in seconds and started using Instamojo payments links feature to collect payments from customers. 

It is difficult to handle multiple payment gateway for event tickets. That’s where the Instamojo bulk payments feature helped immensely. Event companies can use the bulk payment feature to collect several of the same payments in one go; for example a group booking for a concert. 

“ We needed a payment gateway for our website hence we decided to go with Instamojo. We heard a lot about the payment gateway from our friends. Once we started using it, we were glad to see how easy it was to collect payments for different events, at once.” – Naveen 

With 2020 kicking off in full swing, it’s time to put those new year resolutions to action. So, register for a workshop with Gokhale; or start that dream business you have always wanted, on the Instamojo free online store.


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