GST Registration: How To Enroll Your Small Business for GST

GST registration
(Last Updated On: February 9, 2021)

Have you enrolled for the Goods and Services Tax yet? The last date to enroll for GST is April, 30, 2017. If you haven’t already completed GST registration, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to enroll your small business for GST.

Step 1:

Contact your State VAT department (online) to get your provisional username and password.

Step 2:

GST Login

 Log on to and sign in with the provided creds.

Step 3:

GST registration

 Click on New User Login and check the “I Agree” box on the Declaration Form.

Step 4:

GST registration

Login with your provisional ID and password and fill out the details.

Step 5:

GST registration

Keep the following documents handy:

  •  Bank Account Number with IFSC Code,
  •  Proof of Business Documents (partnership or LLP deeds),
  •  Photographs of you/partners
  •  Letter from Authorised Signatory
  •  Bank Statement.

All in (PDF of JPEG Files not exceeding 100KB – 1 MB)

Step 6:

Continue to Login with the provisional ID and Password. You will be taken to a page where you have to fill out a valid email ID and phone number.

Please note this will be stored in the GSTN (GST Network) servers and act as your point of contact to communicate further information.

Step 7:

An OTP will be sent to the number. Enter the OTP to authenticate number. 

Step 8:

You will then be redirected to a form where you will be required to fill in personal details and change the provisional password.

Step 9:

You will then be taken to a dashboard with several tabs. Click on Provisional ID Enrollment’ in your dashboard and fill out all the 8 tabs accurately.

Step 10:

Attach your Digital Signature Certificate in the Verification tab. 

How to attach digital signature? You can verify it with the Aadhaar Number of the Authorized Signatory.

Step 11:

Once verified, you will receive an Application Receipt Number (ARN) via registered email ID. You can download your GST certificate from the GSTN portal in your dashboard once it is issued.

Check out the steps in this video below:

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Disclaimer: Information in this article is intended only to provide a general overview and is not intended to be treated as legal advice. Please consult a tax expert to get a better understanding of the GST Laws.


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