mojoStores The Independence Day edition: Home-grown brands that are helping small communities

independence day special home grown brands
(Last Updated On: August 17, 2022)

🇮🇳 This independence day, we are featuring 5 eCommerce businesses in India that are helping communities across the country by selling their handmade products. 

We at Instamojo are proud to be a part of their journey by offering them a platform to sell their products.

These mojoStores have been chosen because they are brands that either sell products made by skilled rural workers in India or work for the development of underprivileged communities.

mojoStore #1: Channapatna Toys – Carved by artisans

A group of local artisans who are passionate about making playtime safe, sustainable, and developmental. That’s how the founders of Channapatna Toys describe themselves.

Named after the locality in Karnataka where they are based in, Channapatna Toys sells traditional wooden toys crafted by skilled in-house artisans. They have a full-fledged factory where they handle everything from carving, painting, and packaging. 

Channapatna Toys aim to help rural craftsmen get back up their feet and ensure stability in these unstable times.

On more about their products, the brand makes sure to only sell toys that are made of natural wood and lead-free paint; thus making completely non-toxic toys which are challenging to find in the market today.

channapatna toys
Channapatna Toys online store

Channapatna Toys are dedicated to bringing eco-friendly, creative products into the toys market which is dominated by plastic products filled with toxins.

Check out their online store here

mojoStore #2: Ayush Herbal Oil

Ayush Herbal Care India brings us a unique beauty product: a herbal haircare oil made by Adivasis.

With raw materials sourced from the forest, they claim that this oil can’t be found anywhere else. It’s made of ayurvedic herbs, which effectively prevent hairfall and help in hair growth. Ayush Herbal Adivasi Hair Oil has no side effects as it is made of naturally obtained herbs among other ingredients.

home grown brands
Ayush Herbal Oil landing page

The brand uses Instamojo Smart Page to create a landing page and sell its product. Check it out here.

mojoStore #3: Grameenkart – Empowering women weavers

As the name highlights, Grameenkart sells sourced from rural areas in India. All the products are handmade by underprivileged women. On their online store, they sell 100+ products ranging from sarees and bags to home decor products and footwear. The brand has an inspiring story behind their creation. 

With a mission to promote, aid, and guide the development of local entrepreneurship, Grameenkart is empowering Indian weavers.

Madhu Jadhav, the founder of Grameenkart, had spent four years as a social worker and he saw the struggles of rural women very closely. He was dedicated to empowering them and promoting their skills.

The pandemic had hit rural weaver harshly. Weavers manufactured Beautiful Sarees for the festive season such as  Ganesh Chaturthi and Diwali. The Weavers, who solely rely on the sales of these occasions to earn their Livelihood, could not sell their products in shops because of lockdown restrictions. Thus they lost their only source of income.

grameenkart online store

Prayatna and Jadhav found a solution to this problem: bring the products to the online market. They created an online store with Instamojo and started selling the products. They now created an opportunity for these women to showcase their skills to the world. 

Check out their store here

mojoStore #4: Sakura – handcrafted by Assamese artisans

Sakhura is a woman-led small enterprise that strives to bring products (mainly exquisite bags!) handcrafted by Assamese artisans to the forefront. 

Sakura sources products from the artisans and sells them on their online store. They also make sure that the artisans receive what they rightfully deserve. The brand is dedicated to the upliftment of the local artisan community of the North East.

Sakura online store
Sakura online store

The products they sell are sustainable and made from natural fibres like hyacinth, cane, and bamboo. Each product is a reflection of the rich culture of Assam. They are working towards becoming a 100% eco-friendly brand. 

Sakura is for the Indian shopper who wants to step away from mass-produced products which have dominated the market.

Check out Sakura online store

mojoStore #5: National Association for the Blind

This NGO, based in Delhi, provides shelter, care, education, training and employment to the blind free of cost.

They have transformed the lives of over 80,000 persons with disabilities during the last 40 years through innovative education, training and rehabilitation programs.

They have a dedicated landing page which lets them collect donations from generous donors to help the hundreds of visually-impaired individuals that are under their care.

Here’s their landing page

We are sure that there are many more homegrown brands in India that empower artisans, tribals, and women.

With their own independent eCommerce website and landing pages, they have more control of their business and have more freedom to help these marginalised communities in their own way.

Want to become financially independent? Or help other communities? Start your #Aatmanirbhar journey with Instamojo.

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