How a Tirupur-based entrepreneur redefines ‘essential’ with her sustainable brand

Sustainable brand - Bag2basic
(Last Updated On: June 30, 2021)

Nostalgia is a strong branding element, especially when it proves useful to people and reminds them of a simpler time. Bag2basics, a sustainable brand started by Santhiya, an entrepreneur based in Tirupur, proves that nostalgia is sometimes a reminder; for us to go back to our basics.

Like many businesses, Bag2Basics was set up right at the beginning of the lockdown. Santhiya’s brand is sustainable, but for those who are new to the term and only associate it with eco-friendly products, it could be confusing. In this blog, we share this inspiring entrepreneur’s story and what inspired her to set up Bag2basics.


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Building a sustainable brand from plastic

When we think of a sustainable brand for bags, we immediately associate them with cloth bags, biodegradable material, or jute cotton. However, Santhiya makes her bags using the highest quality plastic! How does that make it sustainable?

 ” When plastic got banned in grocery stores, people began to make cloth bags. But we thought-why not we bring our old style of wire basket? Because it was reusable, lasts longer, is easily accessible, washable, and can be used for various purposes! Also, once it is done being used after years, it can be recycled!” 

Also, Santhiya says that these bags and baskets will reduce use of disposable plastic in our environment. Hence, it has multipurpose usage and it can be carried in for any purpose.

Back to basics with bags

Bag2basics brand vision is “To create a better everyday life for many people”. Simply put, the sustainable brand wants to help people with daily tasks and chores. Carrying your daily groceries and vegetables, delivering canisters of milk, carrying books, anything! These bags are durable, strong, and made for daily use. 

bag2basics sustainable brand

” We feel connected to our customers, those who want simplicity and maximum utility in a product. Our brand strives to create and provide a wide variety of stylish and durable handmade baskets. These are especially very useful for grocery and every other kind of shopping and storage purposes, as they are made of high-quality plastic wires, making them last for a long time.” – Santhiya 

Making the bags – the creative process

What looks simple in design, actually takes a lot of patience and work.

Santhiya works with her team to weave the plastic cords together. She also designs these bags and makes sure they are tough enough to carry things essential to the customer.


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The waterproof wire baskets are traditionally handwoven in sequel pattern to acquire distinct shape and ample space to carry essentials. It was just a part-time job I did, but now, it has become a part of my life -the love, interest & passion towards this made me so excited working with this. Day by day, I wanted to weave something different which would always attract my customers. This is why we pay close attention to the colour combos, the style, the design and more, because it all matters! – Santhiya 

Redefining the term ‘essential’ with an online presence

Bag2basics reminds us of the bags we used years ago, but Santhiya wants us to dig deeper. With these bags, Santhiya wants to position her products as an ‘essential’ product; one that people need in their homes at all times. While the design is trendy and the colours are bright and beautiful, this sustainable brand is also useful and caters to all Indian households that want to save time and money on bags for daily use.

To make her business accessible to the whole country, Santhiya set up her independent business online – on the Instamojo premium online store. In this store, she has uploaded her products, shared her brand vision for the whole world, and made it easy for customers to get in touch with her by sharing her contact details. Visit her store here and give her products a look! I am sure you will need them.


Brands like Bag2Basics are redefining what ‘essential’ means – and setting up an online presence in a pandemic is an essential act. If you are looking to set up a business online on Instamojo, this tutorial might help –

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