How Studio Ekko uses free smart landing pages to create a thriving cultural space

(Last Updated On: June 12, 2023)

Vidisha Goyal and her mother founded Studio Ekko in New Delhi to give people a space where they could come together and have new experiences. The 1000 sq ft studio is adaptable to a diverse range of activities that can be conducted in this space.

From fitness and dance workshops to corporate events, Studio Ekko collaborates with artists and professionals who need a space to connect to their audience and also monetise their skills.

Different collaborators have different business objectives and target audiences. This is why Studio Ekko has been using the Instamojo Smart Pages to reach new audiences easily and effectively.  Let’s find out how.

Studio Ekko – A space for collaboration, culture and communities 

When Vidisha and her mother started this project, they were motivated to provide an alternative to Delhiites. Weekends that are usually washed away in clubs or restaurants, could now be utilised for learning new skills and making friends.

Studio Ekko Founder

The studio has been constructed keeping in mind the different requirements that different activities would need.

This space allows simultaneous classes or events with its fully mobile, foldable glass mirrors, to 100% soundproof wall separators.

The space has separate entries and exits that ensure minimal disruptions during events.

“Finding artists, or event managers is not an issue at all. Once they come and see the space, they immediately want to rent it. The space sells itself” – Vidisha 

A mix between a B2B and B2C business  

The studio is a balance of a business-to-business and a business-to-service venture.

On one hand, Studio Ekko collaborates with other up-and-coming entrepreneurs, artists and experts that need a space to grow their own businesses.


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On the other hand, the team of Studio Ekko connects the consumers to:

  • Ensure the event information reaches the right audience
  • Manage and optimise event schedules to prevent overlaps
  • Oversees backend operations
  • Running the actual classes
  • Managing social media for the client

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Getting attendees for events at Studio Ekko 

Studio Ekko takes pride in the diversity of its events. You can have a live music section running parallel to an aerial yoga fitness class.

Since every consumer is not going to be interested in every event, it was necessary for Studio Ekko to have different signup pages for different collaborators.

The Problem – How did Studio Ekko create visibility for different clients simultaneously?

The Solution – By creating separate landing pages for different events.

Studio Ekko Linktree

Studio Ekko needed a fast, simple and effective way to get sign-ups and payments. Here is where we come in.

Using Instamojo Smart Pages, Studio Ekko was able to create single landing pages that gave all the necessary details a consumer might need.

Check out their smart page for an Aerial yoga workshop series here!

Here is what the founder of Studio Ekko had to say about Instamojo Smart Pages:

“It’s helped me create smart pages and payment links on behalf of him (Aerial yoga instructor – Flying Monky). We then share the links to get regular customers for him. The payments have directly gone to his bank account, making life easier for us and him.” – Vidisha

Want free landing pages for conducting classes, workshops or events? Try out our free landing page builder with Instamojo Smart Page.

With customisable templates, create your own branded landing page in under 10 minutes. (Did we mention that you don’t need to know coding. AT ALL?) 

Conduct events and workshops with Instamojo Smart Pages  

Here are some features that make it the easiest landing page builder for your business needs.

In-built payment button 

Instamojo smart pages come integrated with a payment button which makes it a fully functional one-page eCommerce website.

100% free 

You can create your own landing page ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE. We do charge a transaction fee of 5% + ₹3.

But you can choose to pass it on to your consumer with our convenience fee feature.

Once you have seen the magic and simplicity of the landing page, upgrade to our Smart page pro plan, to take your business up a notch!

The Pro Plan has awesome upgrades like: 

  • Enquiry form
  • No Instamojo branding
  • Facebook tracking pixel
  • Google Analytics integration

Talk to our team to know more details about our landing page builder! Set up an appointment now. 


Disable after event 

Modifying your online store every time an event gets over can get cumbersome. With individual landing pages, disable/unpublish them after the workshop or session is over.

Instamojo smart pages

Yes, it’s that easy.

Quick share links 

The entire point of the eCommerce website builder is that you can easily share the landing pages with whomever you want.

The quick share link allows you to distribute the landing page URL on any platform you choose.

Unlimited testimonials and FAQs 

Testimonials and FAQs increase consumer trust in your brand.

Testimonials help build social proof, and FAQs help with higher conversions!

smart landing page example

With Instamojo Smart Pages, you can display any number of testimonials from happy customers.

You also get a dedicated space for any FAQs that you see fit. With the Smart page pro plan, you can also embed an enquiry form within the single landing page. Visitors to your landing age can then directly reach out to you with their queries.

Try out Smart Pages for free






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