The Secret To Scoring Your First Customer(s)

So, you’ve decided to be an entrepreneur and but are wondering how to get your first customer? There’s a secret to it. And we’ll tell you the secret.
(Last Updated On: June 4, 2021)

So, you’ve decided to be an entrepreneur but are wondering how to get your first customer? There’s a secret to it.

And we’ll tell you the secret!

Most startups fail to get their business off the runaway because they have a hazy view of either the business idea or their target market. If you thought money was the problem, here’s some perspective: in 2016, 212 Indian Startups Shut Down despite raising capital from big VCs.

Most firms shut down because they couldn’t make enough money. At the core of this mass shut-down was a customer problem.

That’s where the secret comes into the picture.

It’s important to build a strong foundation. If you are in the luxury sector, you would probably need just two or three initial customers to make you money. On the other hand, if you are selling a product worth Rs.20, you will need quite a few customers to help you start generating revenue.

How do you get about landing your first customer(s)? Here’s a checklist (the secret we were talking about):

#1 – Define Your Product/Offer in One Sentence

This is for clarity. Define your product or service in one sentence. This should include who you are selling to, what need you are meeting, and why you’re selling to this segment alone. Don’t worry about competition. Just think local.

#2 – Design a Landing Page

If you are an online business and have a website, start by designing a simple landing page that has a contact form. The purpose of this form is to collect basic information from anyone that visits the site – a potential customer.

Don’t have an online store? Get one for free here. You can even include custom fields in the checkout form to collect more information from your customers.

#3 – Talk About Your Business

Network. Reach out to your immediate circle – your friends, ex-colleagues, acquaintances, etc. They can serve as a good test group. Market your product/service to them and request them to spread the word about your business.

Use social media to spread the word about your business. Send out links, tweet updates, start a blog, write guest blogs if you can’t afford to start your own. Attend meets and events to promote your business. The more your visibility, the better your chances of landing customers.

#4 – Appreciate & Market Existing Referrals

Give a shout-out to every referral and market them effectively to your advantage. Record customer success and market that too. Be it a testimonial, a blog, or just a text message – market it and show your appreciation.

You could even incentivize referrals if you have a budget set up.

#5 – Keep It Relevant

Nobody likes spam. Keep your content relevant while doing all of the above. Place relevant ads, say relevant things to the relevant people. If you try to sell a bicycle to a fish, it wouldn’t work now, would it!?

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