How to sell art online in India and make money easily: With LIVE examples and tips

How to sell art online in India Instamojo blog
(Last Updated On: May 16, 2022)

Art is everywhere, which could pose a problem if you want someone to notice yours.

Thank God for the internet then, right?

In this blog/guide, we will show you how to sell art online and how to collect payments for your artwork. It’s not that difficult to sell art, as much as it is to get it noticed by your target audience.

So, let’s get started.

Selling art online: how to get started 

The Indian art market is valued at Rs. 1400 crore and is slowly seeing steady growth despite a tipping economy. This is information to keep handy in case someone tells you this is a bad time to sell art online.

Here’s how you can get started:

1. Update your knowledge with the technicalities of digital art
2. Create social media accounts to promote your art
3. Set up your online store
4. Commission customised artwork
5. Upload tutorials online and conduct art workshops

5 Tips on how to sell art online in India

Before we get started here are some tips to sell art online and start a successful eCommerce business. Patience pays off. Do not expect a bulk order on the first day of business. It’s important to set up first. Effective social media marketing skills and a good network will help you pave the way to selling art online.

#1 Sell your art online using social media

Your artwork tells a story about you as a brand too. Sell it! Set up on social media accounts like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook and upload your work.

Most importantly, sell a story. For example, Tyler Street Art has earned themselves the nickname of India’s ‘Banksy’, after a graffiti artwork caught the public’s attention (and approval).

Soon, the artist took to social media to showcase all the graffiti work he does and attract attention from people. The result – over 30,000 followers! Tyler Street Art stands up for what art originally is meant for – revolution. What started as unique street art is now morphing to politics, and it is grabbing eyeballs!

While Tyler’s graffiti wins hearts on Instagram, he sells merchandise on the Instamojo online store. Follow artists accounts on Instagram and join online communities recommended by other artists.

If you need free social media marketing tips, we have a whole ebook you can take help from. Download it by clicking on the image below.


Ebook on Social media marketing instamojo 2020

You can also conduct online tutorials to grab attention to your art, like Nikhat Sheikh.

How Nikhat Shiekh sells her art online with beautiful tutorials

There are ASMR videos on the internet – from cooking shows to voiceovers, take your pick. But did you know art could be a part of ASMR too? Meet Nikhat, a painter and artist from Bhilai, India who video records her artwork process in the most satisfying manner.

online store
Art online store

Nikhat sells her creative process. Through her videos on Youtube and IGTV customers believe in the quality of her brushwork, her attention to detail and the time she invests in creating an artwork.

Do you want to start your own online store? Get started for free and create an online store.

#2 Sell art from your eCommerce online store

Selling artwork online on social media alone might not be enough, especially if you plan to be in the business long-term. So, it’s up to you to find a reliable, low-cost online store platform to help sell your artwork.

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Thousands of artists in India sell their art prints on the Instamojo online store. Like Guzelin.

You can setup your own eCommerce website with Instamojo. We offer a free version so that you can start selling online easily. Start your online store now to stay on top of the eCommerce trend!

Create Your Free Online Store

When you start building your eCommerce website, choose a theme that suites your niche. Make sure it is both artistic and minimal. Here are some theme suggestions for art store:

How Guzelin sells art online on Instamojo

Guzelin has been with Instamojo since the launch of our online store!  The art brand, started by ex-IITian Amruta Rokade showcases watercolour prints handmade by the artist herself.

Güzelin has been a loyal customer on the Instamojo store for over 5 years. On finding her inspiration to set up her online store, she says:

” I decided to take up a career in the arts and began posting my artwork online. The response was so encouraging that I created a Facebook page to share the same. After getting requests for prints and originals, I decided to start an online store to meet the demand.” – Amruta Rokade, Artist and founder of Guzelin artworks.  

Guzelin how to sell art online

How to find the ideal online store to sell art online

How do artists like Guzelin find a store like the Instamojo premium online store? She asks around. If you do not have the time, here’s a quick checklist to help you get started. 

  1. Make sure your online store is user friendly.
  2. Offers shipping and labelling services
  3. Provides emailing services and lead generation tools
  4. Offers SMS and email campaigns
  5. Low maintenance fee
  6. MOST IMPORTANT: Has a reliable eCommerce payment gateway and customer support system

The premium store on Instamojo comes with all these features. Amruta vouches for it too!

” A friend suggested I use Instamojo, so I tried it and found it to be very user-friendly. The best part is the support – super quick and helpful! The user experience is amazing – I’ve uploaded my works on Instamojo and also embedded the payment system on my website. I like that Instamojo verified my KYC documents at the earliest, unlike competitors in the market. Plus, the team there is friendly and supportive.” – Amruta Rokade, Guzelin  

To know more about how to choose an eCommerce platform for your small business, read this blog post.

#3 How to find a reliable printing agency to sell art

If you are a graphic artist or digital illustrator, there are tools online to help you digitalize your art. If you need to sell prints, find a reliable printing company that gets your art printed for a reduced amount – depending on the order size.

Guzelin creative art
Amruta frames her artwork and sends it to her customers.

Here are a few online printing software/companies you can check out to get your illustrations/artwork printed:

  1. Printo
  2. Gallerist
  3. Photojaanic
  4. Kulture Shop – A different model, this website helps convert your art prints into merchandise you can sell like t-shirts ad mugs!

#4 How to create a website to sell art online

Or join Behance! Setting up a website can happen in the second phase of building your online presence as an artist. Reya Ahmed, a graphic artist who uses the Instamojo online store, also showcases her work on a website. This helps her customers get a better idea of who she is as a brand, they get to subscribe to her emails and stay updated with any new information.

Integrating Instamojo payment gateway and online store: Like Reya, you can also integrate your Instamojo store to your website.

If you’re new to business, sign up for a free online store to sell your art works online. Having your own website is the best way to get more customers and build a sustainable business.


#5 How custom orders help sell art faster

Annada Menon, an illustrator and digital artist grew her art business with custom orders. Once word got out about her art, Annada came to realise that customers who loved her work, wanted her art to feel more personalized to them.

annada menon instamojo
Annada Menon’s latest project – postcards

She put her fingers and brush together and soon began to design and draw art onto objects of utility – such as postcards, coasters and posters.

“ I didn’t set the store from the perspective of mass production of products. I want people to own my work but every person should have a different design in hand.” – Annada 

Apart from taking custom orders, Annada also handled bulk orders every month. She sought the help of the Instamojo bulk payments request features to take care of this issue.

Quick Tips from entrepreneurs on how to sell your art to the right audience

According to Amruta Rokade of Guzelin, art as a business is neglected. “All artists should invest time and effort to make a career out of their art. Engaging with your audience is very important and so is marketing your work.”

Take care of logistics: Art is expensive, priceless and fragile. Therefore, it is important to rely on a trustworthy shipping partner to take care of your product packaging and well, shipping. With Instamojo, you get the option to choose from a number of trusted shipping partners.

Diversify: If you are selling art, be bold and sell it creatively. Sell your art on mugs, clothes, bookmarks, as posters, wall decor or even coasters. Artists like Annada Menon used her skills as an illustrator to diversify her field of work and began printing her art on several daily use objects! 

Conduct webinars and workshops: Amruta Rokade also emphasises on building trust with your customers. “You need to develop a certain level of trust between the buyer and the website. Ensure that your website is trustworthy and provides a good experience to customers.”

Nikhat Sheikh conducts regular workshops and webinars on her Instagram channel, is nikhatillustrations. To keep your customers engaged, it’s good to share a little trivia, tips and advice to them about your art.

If you are new to conducting webinars, you can sign up for an online course for FREE on mojoVersity, our e-learning platform.

Don’t worry too much, set up your free online store and start selling art online!

Start selling your art online