5 Stories Celebrating True Indian Business Spirit in 2020

India Independence Day 2020 Positive stories
(Last Updated On: December 31, 2020)

On the occasion of our 74th Independence Day, let’s take a break, raise our hands in homage of our country and pay tribute to the efforts of those who have worked tirelessly to make the year a little less tough to deal with.

Yes, the future looks bleak, but we have some good news that could reignite your celebratory spirit for today.

Innovation at the time of COVID – How these Indians came through during a tough time

As a treat this Independence Day, here are stories that will help you believe in our country people. There is a lot going on in the world out there, but there is a lot of good in it too.

#1 – A young man from Odisha designed a UV based -sanitiser box

Santosh Kumar Swain, an innovator from Odisha invented a UV-C container from locally available material. The container sanitises daily use objects using UV light. His invention also helps save water – most commonly used to disinfect daily use of food items.

According to an article by news18, the device helps to sanitise vegetables, groceries and any other items bought from outside. The container was made at a cost of Rs 15,000 but it can become cheaper if mass-produced.

#2 – Two Mumbaikars create an online platform for plasma donors

Kareena Takrar and Dr Neil Pinto from Mumbai have found an innovative solution for COVID patients in desperate need for plasma.

“We got a lot of WhatsApp forwards from families who immediately needed plasma donors. Given lockdown limitations we came up with Pin, that takes you to a form and helps you register as a donor as well as a patient.” – Dr Neil Pinto, for India Today.

Till today, over 30 patients received plasma from donors across India.

#3 – Researchers in IIT-Delhi developed the worlds most affordable COVID testing kit

On July 15, researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi developed what’s being claimed as the most affordable COVID-19 diagnosis kit. According to the IIT team, the base price for the kit is at INR 399 and guarantees results in just 3 hours! The kit, named ‘Corosure’ has been approved for labs.

Corosure - outlookindia Instamojo

A news18 press release confirmed that the testing kit is developed in IIT and approved by ICMR. Newtech medical device is the manufacturing partner for the product.

#4 – Sikh community recycles turbans to make face masks

Sustainability in the time of COVID? Yes! The Sikh community in Uttar Pradesh came together to start mission’ Turban for masks’.

As the name suggests, the community collects old turbans from different households, washes, screens and stitches masks for the needy.

Sikh community masks - jagran - independence day
Image source: Jagran

Mahendra Pal Singh and his community work together to turn turbans – a symbol of pride for the Sikhs, to masks, a symbol of safety against COVID. The community of men, women and children work together to make over 1 lakh free masks for society.

#5 – Farmers in Northeast and Gujarat use innovations to grow expensive imported fruits

When times are tough, our farmers get creative. In order to promote Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan Scheme, farmers in Kutch, Gujarat, are growing dragonfruits. South America or Taiwan imports the fruit to India. Over 150 farmers in Gujarat are cultivating this fruit! The fruit is also tremendously rich in Vitamin C and helps fight chronic diseases.

Similarly, Mithun Sarkar, a 19-year-old,  is growing apples in Tripura, and changing the crop pattern. Tripura is famous for pineapples, but Mithun took a turn and grew apples instead. This way, he gains more market value for the fruit and can sell it for cheaper.

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