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(Last Updated On: December 18, 2020)

India is home to more than 63 million small businesses today. But how many of these business owners do you know? Is it even possible to get in touch with businesses from across the country? YES. Through the Indian Online Business Network – a carefully curated community for small businesses in India.

Over 60% of smart businesses today rely on networking to scale their business

Indian Online Business Network is an endeavour to bring together like-minded and experienced Indian MSME owners, led by the vision to build India’s largest, most-trusted, active business community. 




In this blog, we’ll show you: 

1. What is the Indian Online Business Network?

2. Who can join the Indian Online Business Network?

3. How will the Indian Online Business Network help your business grow?

4. The power of community: Why should you join a business community?

5. Top 3 growth communities for Indian MSMEs

6. Bonus: Signs of a good community

What is the Indian Online Business Network?

Indian MSME Network, a unique business community for entrepreneurs and business owners like you, is all about GROWTH!

The aim of building this business community is to help you propel your business to growth by networking with contemporary entrepreneurs and business owners and finding ways to overcome the challenges together. 

Business owners who spent 6.3 hours a week networking agree that it played a crucial role in their success.

We envision this community as a safe place where entrepreneurs from different walks of life come together to help each other grow 10x faster. 

Who can join the Indian Online Business Network?

We welcome each and every MSME owner in India to join our business community and be a part of our vision. You can join this community if you are:

  • an entrepreneur
  • a business owner
  • a small business owner (or SMB/SME owner)
  • an MSME owner
  • a startup owner
  • a business enthusiast
  • a startup enthusiast
  • a visionary
  • a business expert
  • an MSME expert
  • an MSME mentor/guide 


How will the Indian Online Business Network help your business grow?

As a part of the Indian MSME Network business community, you can:

  • Grow your business with useful insights and ideas from fellow entrepreneurs, business owners and experts
  • Promote and scale your business in the Indian MSME community
  • Make meaningful partnerships 
  • Get a platform to share your opinions, learnings and experience with peers
  • Build a strong network in the industry 
  • Build your personal brand
  • Find solutions and answers starting and scaling your business from seasoned industry experts 
  • Be a part of growing Instamojo family of 1.2 million merchants across the nation


The power of community: Why should you join a business community?

Community is powerful tool to establish and scale your business. It not only helps you reach your audience far and wide, but also provides you the unique opportunity to connect, learn and network with your peers.

According to a survey, 80% of small businesses are present on Facebook.

The idea of networking through community is not limited to only finding like-minded people. A few benefits of being a part of a niche business community are:

1. Exchanging ideas 

An idea cannot flourish in a vacuum. You need like-minded people to share your ideas with and get their feedback and opinion on the same. This also gives you the opportunity to test it before you share the idea with your audience.

2. New contacts/referrals

Being a part of a niche business community helps you identify new opportunities for partnerships, expansion and joint ventures.

3. Build a personal brand

As a business owner, you have the opportunity to share your experience and knowledge, helping your peers also grow with you.

4. Grow your business

Growing business depends a lot on building relationships and the quality of your relationships. While you may build and nourish relationships with your peers via community, you can also find potential clients/customers of your business.

Top 3 growth communities for Indian MSMEs

1. Instamojo’s Indian Online Business Network: 

At Instamojo, we have monthly meetups with entrepreneurs who work tirelessly to redefine the startup game in India. mojoMeets explores talent and business minds in tier 2 cities. (Note: In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, we intend to conduct virtual mojoMeets sessions via the Indian MSME Network community)



2. Platform for Artists: 

A community organization with 25,000 artists across the country. These artists include – writers, designers, painters, photographers, dancers, singers, musicians, hip-hop artists, magicians, chefs, handicraft artists and people with other creative interests. You can check out the ongoing UNSEEN 4.0 – India’s largest online flea market, organised by Platform for Artists in partnership with Instamojo.

3. Pushstart: 

A community for startup entrepreneurs has evolved into a strong network of entrepreneurs to launch their startup, startup ideas and get solutions to their daily startup problems through community-wide collaboration.

Bonus: Signs of a good community

Watch for the following signs to know if a community is good and worth joining.

1. Honest and genuine:

The community should support honest and genuine content and communication. By honest and genuine we are referring to content that is real, true to facts, and is based on the ideals of growth and progress.

2. Healthy exchange of ideas:

Since the main objective of joining a community is growth, a good community will always encourage exchange of ideas between members. For instance, being a part of the Indian MSME Network, you can share your ideas and get & give feedback from your peers.

3. Value-addition to your knowledge base:

A good community will share and encourage content that adds to your existing knowledge base. For instance, to scale your business you would want to stay updated with the ongoing market trends and developments.

4. Presence of experts:

A good community will have industry experts to help you find answers and solutions to your questions and challenges. While your peers can also help you with their experience, industry experts’ advice will be tried & tested and hence, trustworthy.

5. Quality of conversations:

Observe the quality of conversations. If you notice any kind of bullying or abusive content, it is not a community you should join. On the contrary, if you notice encouraging, informational and immersive conversations, it is certainly the community you should join.

6. Sharing opportunities & goals:

You can term a community ‘good’ if the members are open to sharing opportunities for growth and partnership and are united by a common goal or interest. In case of business community, the interest and goal would be business growth.

7. Presence of moderator(s):

A community can flourish on its own, but if left unchecked it can grow in an undesired direction, which may even mean deviating from the very objective of creating a community. It is hence important to have a moderator or an admin, who regulates the content shared and maintains the hygiene of the group.

8. Like-minded members:

Each community has an aura and you can easily understand you don’t fit in if you don’t identify with the members of the community. A community with like-minded individuals will be driven to a goal shared by all members.

Want to be a part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs with a strong business acumen and driven by the desire to grow and scale their business?

Interested to know how community building can help grow your business? Stay tuned for more updates on the Instamojo blog. You can also subscribe to the Instamojo blog digest for more such business advice.



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