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Instamojo campaigns to support covid19
(Last Updated On: May 26, 2021)

If you are feeling unproductive or restless sitting at home this long, we have some work for you to do. Support small businesses and NGOs in your community that are trying to make a difference during this difficult time. 

So, this month, our top mojoStores are not just online stores for you to shop from, they are Instamojo donation campaigns you can contribute to – from the comfort of your home. 

5 Instamojo Donation Campaigns You Can Support from Home 

1. Rise Against Hunger India 

As you may have heard – supplies are scarce. Grocery stores are providing essentials to families but there are, unfortunately, many who cannot pay for it. People who depended on daily wages and children from destitute homes do not have access to clean food. 

Rise India

Rise Against Hunger India has been fighting the battle against hunger for years now. The organisation seeks to end hunger by providing food and aid to help feed school children, elderly and others.  

You can support their campaign to end hunger here 

2.JWMF Association 

For Thane residents: A smart initiative by the resident of Hiranandani association, the JWMF (Jab we met farmers) initiative seeks to promote farmers who are unable to sell their produce easily. The initiative helps increase aggregate orders of vegetables and fruits and invites farmers to deliver them in bulk quantities.

Support their campaign here 

 3. ZFM foundation 

The ZFM world Foundation is stepping up to help those who cannot find help at this time – like the city’s rickshaw pullers.

ZFM world foundation instamojo blog

With no customers, the rickshaw pullers do not have any means to make money. The world foundation has set up campaigns of different kinds on the Instamojo online store to reach out and help those in need. 

You can support their cause here 

4. The Nazareth Foundation 

Run by Lawyer and activist Cassandra Nazareth, this initiative is to crowdfund and raise awareness about people who do not have access to groceries and staples due to the coronavirus lockdown in the country. The hamlets deep inside the Sanjay Gandhi National Park are most affected. 


Support their campaign here

5. New Beginnings Charitable Trust 

Since 2014, NCT has collaborated with over 11 NGOs in South India to assist women and children from social evils. During this social isolation, help NCT reach out to women who need help and children who are living in unstable environments. 

Support their campaigns here

Other Instamojo donation campaigns that need your attention: 

Besides these, you can also support initiatives we have previously mentioned like: 

Like Coffee? Support #CupofJoy: 

The Indian Coffee Culture’s #CupofJoy initiative to save cafes from closing down during the Coronavirus lockdown. To make sure cafes and roasteries don’t run dry in the post-COVID world, Indian Coffee Culture has started #cupofjoy to help these businesses and YOU could be a part of it!

cup of joy

Care about CARE: 

Support the stray feeders in Charlie’s Animal Rescue Center – let’s make sure everyone is fed at a time like this. The centre helps to feed stray animals that do not have access to restaurant and roadside scraps anymore.

But they also need help with medical supplies, food and assisting the staff who are risking themselves feeding the helpless animals in the lockdown. 

Fighting COVID-19 together:

Stay connected with your customers and fight the pandemic together. We have developed a new coupon code exclusively for businesses who are fighting the virus, as well as the impacted economy. Once you signup to fight COVID, you can get your KYC approved in under a day!



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