Instamojo helps Adister ease their payment processes

(Last Updated On: November 23, 2020)
We had a quick chat with the Adister team to understand how Instamojo enables them to accept payments online. Shubham Agarwal shares his experience here:


”I really thank Instamojo for their excellent service & intuitive user interface”– Shubham Agrawal, Co-Founder Adister

What does Adister do?

Adister sells quality notebooks which are sold at low price. Adister carries advertisements on the cover pages of these notebooks, which makes them an immensely effective medium to advertise amongst youth. Adister’s notebooks are currently available in Delhi NCR region.

How did we come to know about Instamojo and was it a good fit for us?

Just when I was frustrated with current payment gateways, I posted a question in NextBigWhat and someone suggested Instamojo. As it turned out, we happened to make a very smart decision.

Instamojo solved the most troubling section of our operation. No initial investment involved and easily understandable user interface and extremely good customer service. I really thank Ms. Neha Jha, for her assistance by attending our calls even in non-office hours.

How did Instamojo help us?

In our current edition we are manufacturing over 10,000 notebooks, to be manufactured by 3 differently-abled people hired by us. We ran an online crowd-sourcing campaign, which has raised a total sum of INR 77,000. Our target for the campaign is INR 300,000. Contribute for the campaign.

Instamojo helped in easing the process and with each contribution, we were more motivated to reach our target.

What should Instamojo improve upon?

We actually did not face any problem using Instamojo. The interface is perfectly fine, easy to use, with excellent features like “Pay what you want” but I feel Instamojo must have an add-on feature of automated mailing on any transaction.

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