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instamojo product updates for the month
(Last Updated On: May 14, 2021)

Our team likes to keep up with the times. If you have a business with us, you know we are always working hard to provide the best features and apps to make your life and business operations easier! In the past quarter, our teams at Instamojo have created and updated unique products you can use for your business. In this blog, we will share core Instamojo product updates you need to be informed about.

We identified the core problems businesses faced daily. Some of these were:

  1. Delayed payments – leading to dissatisfied vendors
  2. Lack of a business website to find easier access to customers
  3. Inability to track payments or leads.

In response to some of the few issues faced by our partners, we launched a few new products.

Same Day Payouts

If you need to purchase materials for your customer’s orders or if you’re in the service business, you need money faster and easily available to you. So, we heard you.

Same Day Payouts give you the convenience and flexibility to receive payouts once or multiple times in a day. You can get a payout up to 3 times a day and you get to choose the schedule (once, twice or thrice) that suits your requirements.

Same Day Payouts are for online store owners who want their payouts sooner and in a convenient manner. You should opt for faster payouts in order to:

  1. Make vendor payments
  2. Purchase raw materials
  3. Be prepared for unexpected expenses for business
  4. Maintain a healthy cash flow for the business
  5. Provide services for customers
  6. Easy reconciliation

Find out how Same Day Payouts work here.

Leads Manager

We understand you need to grow your business and assess your leads. For that, it is important to interact with your potential customers and tell them more about your product. So, we created a free new tool to help you manage your leads efficiently. 

The Leads manager on your Instamojo Dashboard will automatically pick out potential buyers who have dropped off (not completed their transactions) on Instamojo. You can then nudge them and educate them more about your product or services.

How? Simple. You can use two main ways to communicate with your buyers: 

  1. Email the merchant
  2. Send payment links

You can also add a lead manually to manage it through the dashboard. You can export your leads in a CSV file so to use it on other platforms as well.

When the buyer makes a purchase,  he will automatically be tagged as a converted lead. You need not spend time filtering it out at your end.

Domains and Emails:

Your business needs an online presence in today’s digital world. A good domain name is one of the easiest ways for customers to find you online. You need to have your own business domain and email if you are looking to expand your sales and your customer base.

If you are a small business looking to kickstart your online presence in just a few steps, you can now buy your own domain and email with Instamojo. We have simplified the process for you and it takes only 5 minutes to create your domain.

Once you buy a domain name, you can create a professional email for you and your employees. Your email will be: <username@yourdomainname.com.>

We offer domains and mailboxes to you for 70% cheaper rates than any other website.

  1. Connect your domain to your mailbox and get over 5 GB of space for every mailbox.
  2. Emails are secured with quick spam and virus detection.
  3. Works with IMAP, Webmail, SMTP, POP3

Create your business domain here

Page Builder App

Gone are the days of business cards. Companies are now creating business pages to collect leads and engage customers. We created a page builder app for you in your app store to create a professional-looking business page. 

Having a website is the first step to starting your digital journey. Now, you can make your own one-page website in under 5 minutes!

With Instamojo’s Page Builder, you can:

  1. Quickly create a website without hiring a developer.
  2. Drag and drop custom features into your canvas to build your website.
  3. Get access to our wide range of templates.
  4. Navigate easily on mobile optimized pages.
  5. Collect leads using a contact form from the website you create.
  6. Directly collect payments through Instamojo.

Product Updates:

Along with the new product launches, we worked towards improving our existing products as well. The main goals included ease of use, mobility, and simplifying User Experience.

Instamojo Android App:

We added new features and enhancements to our Android app. Why? To allow users to do anything on the app that could be done on the Desktop Dashboard. This ranges from creating payment links to getting Instant payouts on the app. 

Some of the primary enhancements to the app included: 

Adding a Shipping Calculator

It’s always better to know your costs before you ship products. This web-only feature is now available on the Instamojo Android App. Users can check the shipping costs before sending packages. All the user needs to do is input the PIN code, weight, and value of the package to get the most accurate costs. 

android app product updates instamojo

Faster Payouts

A popular sought-after feature included having the option to choose the frequency of your payouts at your fingertips. Faster Payouts is now on the Android App. You can now choose from the following options: 

  1. Next-Day Payout
  2. Same Day Payout
  3. Instant Payout

android app product update instamojo

Domains and Emails

You know what domains and emails can do, but did you know you could attach your custom domain with your Instamojo online store? Our new feature allows you to do just that! Linking your custom domain doesn’t just make your store look professional but can also help you get more customers.

Just head to the domains and emails app, buy a domain, and redirect your domain in one click.

We are always coming up with something new, interesting to make your business run smoothly. If you want to start a business, setting up one on our website takes less than 2 minutes. Plus, you get to enjoy all the above products and features only with an Instamojo account. Create one today!

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  2. You can use two main ways to communicate with your buyers:

    Email the merchant
    Send payment links

  3. Instamojo has become more than just a payment gateway
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