Instamojo Reviews: How Customers Invest In Our Brand Values

instamojo reviews
(Last Updated On: June 6, 2021)

Customers are our heroes – shaping up the product that we are constantly striving to build according to your needs. The mojo in our name stands for you who empower us back. You power Instamojo.

So we thought we will take your love letters and thank you for validating the values that Instamojo stands for.

1. Simplicity:

What drives us is how you understand the basis of our product: simplicity and ease of use.

Here is what Kirubakaran Rajendran from has to say:

instamojo review


Some from our twitter feed:


2. Time is Money:

Payment issues are serious – it’s all about money and we understand how important it is to be accessible quickly. You can count on us for your business with our support response time that is between 1 to 24 hours.


3. Virtual can also be Human:

We are all human behind screens. When you reach us with your queries, we want to be your friend and help you in the best of your interest.


Our feedback system is portrayed as Net Promoter Score on a scale of 1 to 10 in real-time (How likely are you to recommend Instamojo to others?). We get to know about your sentiments through the ratings you provide. We are constantly elated by tons of feedback from you. It helps us understand you better and with every rating, we take immediate action to make our product offering better.


And this is how we take your feedback seriously:

instamojo review

4. Business Philosophy

At Instamojo, we believe in empowering merchants to sell online, manage their business and grow in the process.

Our Co-founder, Aditya Sengupta wrote an answer which might shed some light on our business philosophy.

Comments like these strengthen our belief in the philosophy Aditya talks about:

With this post, we are stealing an opportunity to thank you for your honest feedback and Instamojo reviews  – your love, patience, and your constructive criticism. Keep ’em coming!

Thank you! And more power to you

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