mojoStores: 5 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Shop on Instamojo

Instamojo Store - Top 5 mojoStores for the month
(Last Updated On: June 3, 2021)

February is the month of love, so why not gift your better half something special from an Instamojo store? Chocolates and flowers are a thing of the past, let’s try gifts with a twist!

So, who did we pick this month for our mojoStores?

1. Kadaipai – Bag of inspiration 

The best Instamojo store is not always the one that makes the biggest sale, sometimes it’s the brand that wishes to make a difference. This February, ditch the plastic gift cover and use a Kadaipai bag instead. The brand makes their bags using natural ingredients like Cornstarch,  Banana fibre and coir.

Instamojo online store Kadaipai
A Tambulam Bag from Kadaipai

The Instamojo store wants to remind people of the good old days, using material our grandparents used to make these products. The products are made with eco-friendly waste and organic products, so nothing is harmed, cut down or killed for it. On the plus side, it is also reusable.

Looking for reusable gift bags? Check it out here

2. Another Day Another Colour Studio 

If you have read our previous mojoStores blog, you know we are a tad biased towards the arts. And for good reason! Ankita Shinde, founder of ‘Another Day Another Colour Studio’ started her Instamojo store in 2016.

Since then, she has curated art for branding, illustrations, and graphic design purposes. If you are looking to gift your artsy partner something quirky and offbeat, we suggest giving this Instamojo online store a look.

Ankita Shinde Instamojo Store
Another Day Another Colour – Artwork ‘ cuddles’

Take a look at their inspiring artwork here

3. The Himalayan Writers Retreat 

Psst, are you single this Valentine’s Day? Run for the hills! Literally, because the Himalayan Writers Retreat is the perfect hiding spot for anyone looking to write heartbreaking poetry, whilst relaxing in the comfort of the northern mountains.

himalaya writing workshop
Participants and mentors at the Himalayan writing workshop

You can register for an array of fun activities, from storytelling classes by award-winning writers to blogging and art workshops. The Instamojo online store also has a writers boot camp, that gets you out of your writer’s block, quite effectively.

Running to the hills? Signup here 

4. Greensole – A step towards sustainability 

One of our all-time favourite mojomakers found their way into our mojoStores too! Greensole is not just your average shoe brand, it is a social venture refurbishing discarded shoes to comfortable footwear.

More than 350,000,000 pairs of shoes are discarded worldwide! Greensole takes old and discarded shoes, converts them into recycled footwear and sell them online. They also donate a lot of refurbished shoes to impoverished children.

Looking to support their cause? Check out their store here

5. Freddie’s Baking Studio – A Sweet Miracle!

Ever had a unicorn cookie with purple sparkles? This Valentines Day, you can gift your loved ones some delicious cookies made in Freddie’s Baking Studio. The bakery handcrafts and beautifully illustrates each cookie to perfection!  Every cookie made in Freddie’s baking studio is done so with love, care and the utmost attention to detail!

freddies baking studio
A cookie sample exclusively made at Freddie’s Baking Studio

Buy a cookie here.


Add in a sweet message with customised notes by Vinita Jakkal, a Pune-based graphic designer whose notes will have your loved one in smiles or splits!

Vinita Instamojo Store mojoStores

Check out her online store here

This February, we are going green, and all the other colours of love!

If these businesses could create an online store on Instamojo easily, so can you. You can create an online store for free on Instamojo and start selling your products and services to the world.

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