Introducing customer testimonials on Instamojo online stores!

customer testimonials
Customer testimonials
(Last Updated On: August 22, 2023)


How many times have you made a purchase online because a friend told you how amazing the product or service was?

At Instamojo, we understand the value of trust for an eCommerce business. Here’s introducing customer testimonials for your Instamojo online stores!

Creating customer trust and building value has become the number one priority for eCommerce businesses today as India switches to online shopping modes.

Add customer testimonials to your Instamojo online store 

Now you can add customer testimonials to your Instamojo online store in 3 simple steps! 

It is now super-easy to add testimonials to your Instamojo online store. Testimonials feature is available on all the premium themes and they look really great in the stores.

Watch this 2-minute video to understand how to add testimonials to your eCommerce website in just a few steps.

Why do eCommerce brands use customer testimonials?

No matter what category your brand caters to, there may always be hesitation in buying and using products from a new brand. Big companies also use testimonials as a way to showcase the impact of their product/service.



Main reasons why companies use testimonials as a marketing strategy

  1. It shows the human side of the brand
  2. Allows the brand to build a connection with its audience
  3. Showcases quality, value, and the impact of the product/service
  4. Helps increase business through word-of-mouth and referrals
  5. It shows that the brand genuinely cares for its customers through its offerings

Building trust on the internet is hard, especially because there are no tangible aspects to online shopping.

So how does a customer know your brand is genuine? While there are multiple ways to build trust online for your eCommerce brand, customer testimonials happen to be on every list on the internet that you may be reading.

How to add customer testimonials to your eCommerce store

There are two parts to adding customer testimonials to your eCommerce website:

– Creating and collecting testimonials
– Adding the testimonials to your website

No matter what store builder you are using, you would have to collect the testimonials by connecting with your audience.

Here are some quick tips on creating customer testimonials for your brand:

  • Tap into your social media user base and look for mentions and tags of your brand. Find the ones that post pictures or reviews of your store and product and reach out to them over social media.
  • Check your store analytics for repeat customers. These folks are more likely to give you a better review or testimonial because they already are highly engaged with your brand. Make them your brand heroes!
  • Request the customers for a picture to go with the testimonial. The more visual and real your testimonials are, the better it is for your brand trust.
  • You could also reward the customers with a little discount or freebie as a token of appreciation for the testimonial.

Adding testimonials to your online shop has to be strategic. Some quick tips on how to decide where to showcase testimonials:

  • Several eCommerce brands add testimonials to the home page or main page of the website to capture visitor’s trust – it’s a great way to engage users

When you are customising your Instamojo online store’s home page, you can now use our brand new feature “Builder” to rearrange where you want the testimonials section and also how you want it to look.

CHoose from different layouts, and spruce it up with custom HTML codes if needed. Read this guide on how to use Builder to the best of its potential. 

  • You can also show product-specific testimonials on a specific product page. For example, there are product-wise testimonials on marketplaces like Myntra and Amazon

See how some D2C brands on Instamojo are using customer testimonials

Customer testimonials examples

Featured brands: Silverrage, and Wildberry Organics

Get customers to love you with Instamojo premium online stores!

Two of the main things that set a D2C brand apart from the competition are product quality and shopping experience. If you’re wondering how you can reach your target audience easily, the best way to do it is through your own website.

With Instamojo, you get a full-fledged online store that’s not only simple to set up but also comes loaded with every eCommerce feature possible. Your customers can have the best shopping experience and keep coming back to you for more!

The premium plans start at just ₹10/ day and come with a 14-day FULL money-back guarantee!

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