Introducing Instamojo dynamic QR code: Scan a payment link to pay

Introducing Instamojo Dynamic QR Code Scan a Payment Link to Pay
(Last Updated On: February 20, 2023)

Wouldn’t it be nice if your customers could scan an Instamojo payment link and pay you without having to enter card or bank details? Introducing Dynamic QR Code – a swanky new feature that converts your Instamojo payment links to scan-able QR codes!

Cash Out; QR In

How many of you have been scanning QR codes in grocery queues? With COVID-19 in the scene, most businesses are encouraging contact-less payments. This is the perfect time to embrace digital payments and to make it easier for your customers, Dynamic QR Codes are the perfect way to capture your audience.

According to this global report, over 9 million Indians are familiar with QR codes and have been using it for payments. It also appears that customers prefer paying with UPI QR codes more than ever today; be it Google Pay or Paytm. The point, scan, and pay mechanism have become a habit.

Dynamic QR code increased payment conversions by 10%

We aren’t even kidding. Over the last couple of months, UPI usage on Instamojo has surged considerably. We have seen UPI payments grow 10-30% this quarter as compared to the previous quarter. More customers now prefer paying with UPI because it’s easy to use.

What’s more interesting is, we saw fewer people dropping off when paying with UPI! More customers using UPI completed a payment when compared to other payment modes.

That’s why the team decided to build a feature that would allow your customers to scan a QR code on your payment links and pay with any UPI app of their choice.

How Instamojo Dynamic QR Codes work

The dynamic QR code functionality is built into every payment link you’ve ever created or will create on Instamojo.

dynamic qr codes

All you have to do is create a payment link and your customers will be able to see the QR code when they click on your payment link and enter their contact details. The code is refreshed every 20 minutes and is available only on the desktop for better scanning.

Introducing Instamojo Dynamic QR Code

Creating Instamojo payment/smart links

Collecting payments online is as easy as 1-2-3 with Instamojo payment links! Just sign up and create a link to share anywhere on the web and allow your customers to pay you with any mode of their choice – including scanning your UPI code.

With Instamojo Smart links, you can collect more than just payments. Gather customer details and fastrack your business. Watch this video to discover all the awesome functionalities of an Instamojo smart link.

Visit this page to know more about Payment links and Smart links.

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