Introducing Shopping Cart for Your Online Store on Instamojo

shopping cart for online store india
(Last Updated On: May 25, 2021)

Your Online Store on Instamojo just got upgraded with a shopping cart. Let your customers add multiple items from your online store to a cart and checkout in one go. Instamojo now empowers you to give a full-fledged shopping experience to your customers – at no extra cost.

What this means for you as a seller:

1. No need to invest in a website.
Your Instamojo online store lets you showcase all your products. Your customers can drop in and add all the products that interest them in a cart and checkout in one go. This is like your free e-commerce website.

2. Set your shipping charges.
You can now include shipping charges and also set a minimum amount for your cart above which shipping charges will be free. This brings more transparency to your customers.

Enable shopping cart for your Instamojo Online Store like this:

Online store with shopping cart india with instamojo

  1. Login to your Instamojo Dashboard and go to your store settings.
  2. Switch on Cart and Shipping charges if required.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Your Store Cart is free –
    – No extra charge for enabling cart
    – You are charged Instamojo fees as usual on the final order amount.
  • Cart features –
    – Enabling cart allows buyers to purchase multiple items in one go.
    – In case, any variant choice or other input is required; buyer will have to provide it before adding product to cart.


  • Shipping Charges –
    – You can enable a fixed shipping charge on orders.
    – You can also set the order value above which you provide free shipping.


  • Disabled/Unsupported Features –
    – Existing Discounts do not work with the cart.
    – Social Pay/Pay with a tweet products can’t be added to cart.
    – Digital goods can’t be added to cart.
    – Webhooks and redirects will not work when cart is enabled.


Go ahead and check out the Shopping Cart at your Instamojo Online Store. Should you need any assistance, feel free to drop in an email to


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  1. Wow !! Shopping cart for our online shopping website. Thank you for the guidance to install it in our own website.

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  3. This is something very interesting I saw on the internet today , Amazing idea with the great concept.

    Salute to the maker.

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