mojoPlus Rewards: Stop paying to redeem loyalty points!

mojoPlus Rewards Stop Paying to Redeem Loyalty Points!
(Last Updated On: May 17, 2023)

Have you ever redeemed loyalty points on services/offers where you didn’t have to pay a single rupee? Even if you got the offer for free, you would have to wait to accumulate a whole bunch of points to claim the benefits. Why should you have to pay extra or wait longer to redeem your loyalty points? Not anymore. Let’s introduce you to mojoPlus Rewards.

mojoPlus Rewards – India’s first loyalty program that allows a business to earn points on every transaction and redeem those points against services the business actually pays for!

The problem with traditional reward programs

Usually, a platform offers discounts or coupons provided by partners to delight and engage its customers. But, most traditional loyalty programs require you to spend additionally on products or services that may or may not be valuable.


You end up spending more than you can derive benefit from. That was a specific loophole we wanted to avoid when building the Instamojo loyalty program.

Why mojoPlus rewards are different

At Instamojo, we understand the cost every business needs to handle. We wanted to build a rewards program that can help the business benefit truly from the offers.

That’s why the mojoPlus program allows you to convert your sales into points that can be redeemed on crucial cost factors to your business – like platform fees. Don’t pay for the transaction fee – redeem your points against the fee instead.

We launched the program in June 2020 with redemption applicable on our vast app store. Earlier this month, we opened redemption on Instamojo transaction fees, faster payout fees, and shipping fees too!

How mojoPlus Rewards work

Rewards programs and redeeming loyalty points can be a tedious affair. Businesses don’t have time to spare. That’s why the mojoPlus rewards work like a charm.

It’s simple.

You earn 1 point for every ₹100 you receive and an additional 1 point per payment. For every payment you collect on Instamojo, you receive points worth 1% of payment amount + 1 additional point. 

For example:

a. You collect 1 payment of 35

Total points earned in this case = (1% of 35) + 1 = 0 + 1 = 1 point

b. You collect 2 payments of 100

Total points earned in this case = 2*((1% of 100) + 1) = 2*(1 + 1) = 4 points

As you accumulate points, you unlock various levels of mojoPlus rewards. Each level comes with bonus points which just means more free Instamojo services for your business!

mojoplus rewards

How to redeem mojoPlus reward points on Instamojo

Currently, there are four services that you can redeem mojoPlus points on:

  1. Instamojo app store
  2. Faster payout services
  3. Instamojo transaction fees and
  4. mojoXpress or Instamojo shipping services

To redeem your points on any of the above services, just follow these simple steps:

Instamojo dashboard

The mojoPlus rewards dashboard doesn’t just show you how many points you have accrued but will also show you how many points you have spent.

mojoPlus dashboard

The redeemed points will be converted into rupees and be applied as a discount against your choice of Instamojo services. As you enter the points, the discount amount will automatically show up in the description below!

Redeem mojoplus points

Never run out of mojoPlus rewards points!

Still like the traditional way of doing reward points? We have that covered too. Just in case you want to top up your mojoPlus rewards points, you also have the option to buy points and redeem them against your choice of Instamojo services.

buy mojoplus reward points

It’s super simple. Just keep transacting on Instamojo to earn points and redeem them against Instamojo services.

mojoPlus Benefits 

Apart from rewards for transactions on your Instamojo store, we wanted to give you a little something extra.

Head to the Benefits section under MojoPlus to get treated to multiple discounts provided by our partner brands at no extra cost!

You can use the coupons against services provided by our partners to help boost sales on your online store! Just remember, some of the benefits may have prior requirements.

mojoPlus rewards and benefits


We offer a host of services like a free online store that comes equipped with a secure payment gateway. We also offer integrated shipping services to over 24000+ PIN codes and simpler cash flow solutions called Instamojo faster payouts so your business can keep running without any problems.

Over 1 million digital businesses in India trust us with their businesses. Start rewarding yourself with Instamojo today!

Get your rewards here

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