mojoStores November: 5 Best Instamojo Online Stores

mojoStores November - Top Instamojo Online Store
(Last Updated On: May 25, 2021)

It’s the time of the month again when we explore our Instamojo online store and pick our top mojoStores.

New to the party? With mojoStores, we scan and pick our top Instamojo online store and feature the 5 best ones on our blog- and show off to you! 

How do we pick our favourite Instamojo online store? 

We know your business idea is great, but what about your brand story? Your products/service? What are your customers saying about you? 

We also choose our favourite stores based on: 

  1. How unique your brand storytelling is
  2. How creative your products are
  3. Social media presence 

So, who made it to our November list of top Instamojo online stores? 

mojoStore #1 – GaysiFamily

Colours and freedom! Our favourite Instamojo online store for the month is GaysiFamily, a  GaysiFamily was started to provide a voice and a safe space to Desis from the South Asian subcontinent that identifies as LGBTQ. 

Gaysi Family started as a blog that gave a voice, a platform for members of the LGBTQ community, especially from the South Asian continent. Their simple idea to provide a safe space share stories of being gay soon manifested into a large community of authors from all over the globe! 

What to find on their online store: The Gaysi website regularly hosts open mics and runs a print magazine called the Gaysi Zine. Check out their uber-cool online store click here.

instamojo online store - November - Gaysi


mojoStores #2 – Ketley Gold 

It’s high time for chai time – this is their tagline and we could not agree more. For us Indians, there is no right time for chai, because it is always the right time. Ketley gold knows this and serves the best quality tea. They source their leaves from Assam and have rave reviews on Amazon. You can check out their product reviews here. 

Ketley Gold is not new to the ‘tea-m’. The brand has sourced its tea to other major tea brands over the past few years and started selling directly to customers from 2017. 

Since we love chai, it was easy to pick them. Check out their Ketley Gold online store click here.

instamojo online store - November - ketley 

mojoStores #3 – Prose Publications 

What do you like to do outside your 9-5 job? For Dr Urjita Kulkarni, it is book publishing. Kulkarni is an experienced psychiatrist and a passionate writer and has recently published an award-winning series on parenting. 

Seeing the growing success of her blogs and videos, Kulkarni started Prose Publications; a self-publishing house. Prose Publications also encourages other authors to have their work published. Check out her Prose Publications online store click here.

Instamojo online store - prose publications

mojoStores #4 – Ptah 

We have heard of Instaworthy, what about Pinterest worthy? Ptah, a platform engaging the art community can help you with that. The Delhi-based brand hosts a series of fun workshops to bring out the latent artist in all of us. You can join their classes to meet like-minded art lovers and hobbyists. 

From watercolour painting to art journal designing, Ptah organises interesting art workshops for anyone who wants to relieve stress through art. Check out Ptah online store click here

instamojo online store ptah

mojoStore #5 – Wealth Cafe 

We don’t want to sound like an advertisement, but how well do you plan your finances? Millennials, we are talking to you. Wouldnt it be nice to know exactly how much money you need to save for your future? Our 5th and final mojoStores for the month is Wealth Cafe, a finance advisory brand that conducts workshops and webinars.

Wealth Cafe offers a slew of financial solutions – from investing in mutual funds to managing your personal finance. They recently held a finance webinar for millennials and provided expert tips on saving money the right way.

Check out Wealth cafe online store click here.

instamojo online store - november - wealthcafe

Got a business idea? Don’t wait, simply create a free account & start selling on Instamojo online store! It’s simple and you can be featured on mojoStores for the next month!


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