mojoStores June 2022 – We are back with our favourite Instamojo online stores

Instamojo online stores
(Last Updated On: June 28, 2022)

After a brief hiatus, we are so happy to re-start our series Mojostores! For our family, which has only gotten bigger over the last few years, a brief introduction –   mojoStores is our attempt to bring more attention to some awesome online stores on Instamojo and their brand stories

 It is now June and this month, we have chosen our 5 favourite Instamojo online stores based on: 

  • Uniqueness of product 
  • Social media presence 
  • Store design 
  • Store UX design 

So which online stores caught our eye in June? 

mojoStore #1 – Bear & Panda

Who doesn’t like cute love stories? Graphic artist – Huang Xiao B designs and creates small cartoon sketches of a bear and a panda – in love. (Did you go aww? Because we did).

With a massive Instagram base of more than 190k followers, bear and panda are capturing hearts all over the world. You can now buy clothes, T-shirts or other accessories that have these small scenes of love between two fictional characters depicted on them from their Indian online store created on Instamojo. 

mojoStore #2 – Buyer’s Chowk 

Looking for quick and painless packaging supplies? Try Buyer’s Chowk. If you want to conduct events – Buyer’s Chowk has an entire supply of premium disposable tableware, drinkware and server ware that leaves you with an amazing dining experience. You also do not need to worry about the cleaning up after!

online stores on Instamojo


Or, are you a chef or baker? Do you want to sell food online? Buyer’s chowk can help equip you with all your packaging needs. Look at a detailed list of their products on their Instagram too. 

mojoStore #3 – Ibaas Designer Suits 

Traditional attires are never out of style! Ibaas Designer Suits helps you stay with the current trends and sells clothes online that are completely in fashion. Their unique selling point? They bring to you traditional suits designed by the big names in Pakistan for wholesale prices!

online stores on Instamojo


Known for their exquisite handiwork, their own independent free online store showcases churidars and salwars designed by designers like Sana Safinaz, Maria.B, Gul Ahmed, Sahil, Zara Shahjahan, Élan, Jade, Charizma. Check out their Instagram here. 

mojoStore #4 – Madras Crocodile Bank 

This might be our favourite store when it comes to -uniqueness! The Madras Crocodile Bank is an online store created keeping in mind the dangers that the reptile world faces in today’s fast-paced industrialised world.

online stores on Instamojo

A leader in the field of frontline conservation and the preservation of natural landscapes, the Croc Bank has a large reptile park near Chennai, that sees close to half a million visitors. Look at all the adorable reptiles that get adopted on their Instagram page. Want quirky reptile-themed products? This is the store to visit! 

mojoStore #5 – House of Kai 

Everybody can agree – being a parent is no walk in the park. Shreya Naik Kapoor – Mother to her son Kai, founded this online store on Instamojo to show support to other parents. From fun and useful accessories for children to relatable products for other parents, this online store wants to be there for you!

A #MommyMadeBabyApproved brand, their Instagram account has beautiful videos of the product bundles that are sold.

online stores on Instamojo



Did you get inspired by these awesome independent businesses? Try out your own free online store today!

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