mojoStores September: Top 5 Instamojo Online Stores To Shop From

Instamojo online stores - mojoStores September- Top 5 Instamojo Stores To Shop From
(Last Updated On: May 25, 2021)

It’s September, and we are excited to announce this month’s top 5 Instamojo online stores that we love to shop from – our mojoStores!

This month, we picked our favourite online stores on Instamojo based on:

  1. The brand story
  2. Unique and interesting products
  3. Unique UX design
  4. Innovative business model

Who made it to our September list?

1. Paintology

Stressed at work? Bored in a new city you moved to? Sign up to Paintology! This group painting workshop is the best way to de-stress over the weekend and meet a few like-minded artists in your city. Paintology focuses on helping people explore a different side of art – through paint parties!

The Mumbai based art and paint workshop host weekly painting parties – from mandala workshops, finger painting to birthday party activities too!

Paintology offers helps you connect with colours. A form of art therapy, the name is a combination of Paint+Psychology = Paintology.


2. A Girl with Bangs – Anumegha

Looking for quirky, colourful illustrations? Check out Anumegha’s online store on Instamojo. Anumegha Bhattacharya is an illustrator and animator who’s indie-themed digital artwork will look pretty good hanging on your living room wall. She centres her art around urban themes, film and daily life.

Check out the artists’ amazing work here. 

Instamojo online stores mojoStores September - anumegha


3. Slime Space by Avi Natesan

Meet Avi, a 19-year-old who sells slime on Instamojo online stores! We are pretty excited about this particular online store simply because it looks fun! Avi sells slime, a fun, gooey fluffy substance which you can poke and stretch, either to relieve stress or just to play with. Slime has been making the rounds on social media and is a popular stress-buster among millennials.

If you are looking for a fun, quirky way to de-stress, look up some slime on The Slime Space!

Instamojo online stores - mojoStores September - Slime Space


4. Boulderbox

Pretty cool name right? Our fourth mojoStore for September is Boulderbox, a fitness and endurance training centre, based out of Delhi.

The premier indoor climbing gym in India is well-known for its adventurous and high-intensity rock climbing, Acroyoga and bouldering classes.

Boulderbox’s sells their class packages on the Instamojo online store. You can also check out their other packages here. 

Instamojo online stores - mojoStores - September - boulderbox


5. The Gallan Goodiyan

We cannot hide our love for unique products. The Gallan Goodiyan is last on our mojoStores September list – but probably our favourite. The store features beautiful tassel-work home decor, artwork, jewellery and other accessories. The bohemian theme adds to the aesthetic of the products sold on this store.

Instamojo online stores -mojoStores September - gllangoodiyan

Would you like to feature on our mojoStores? Is your business features on Instamojo online stores? Well, do not worry. It is a quick, 2-minute setup process and once you create your account, simply start selling!


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