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(Last Updated On: October 7, 2021)

During the 2019 elections, we launched a campaign – IAMMSME. In the campaign, we ran a poll asking Indian entrepreneurs to vote for three of their most pressing challenges. What we found was not surprising at all.

  • More than 70% of the respondents said they could not expand or start a business because there was a lack of information in the market.
  • Lack of marketing skills and limited knowledge of business came in close after.

This just reinforced our belief that a small business or a potential entrepreneur needs the right information from reliable sources to help them scale their efforts.

Last year, we decided to do something about this problem.

Our CEO, Sampad, walked into a room and pitched to us a vision that can enable anybody to get access to business and skill development information for FREE. At first, it felt ambitious but six months and an exit poll later, we have launched a solution that can not just help a budding entrepreneur start his journey but also help existing businesses grow on the internet.

Introducing mojoVersity

Easy Lessons from Expert Partners

mojoVersity is the first of it’s kind. Courses on the platform are crafted in collaboration with expert partners like LegalWiz, DeAsra, Domination Labs and more. We have also onboarded renowned tax experts, accounting specialists, and marketing gurus to help us make short online courses in video format for easy consumption and learning.

Anybody can enroll in a mojoVersity course for Free and finish a course in under 60 minutes. Each course is a compilation of 5-10-minute videos. To assess the knowledge, you can take a short multiple-choice quiz and unlock a certificate that you can then download and even print!

Currently, we have four courses live on the platform and are looking to add more. Since Legal norms happen to be among the top 3 challenges for a business, we decided to launch a basic course on compliance for starters.

The format of the courses is super engaging and we already have more than 300 sign-ups on the platform. To get a better understanding of the backstory on mojoVersity, here is a short Twitter anecdote from Sampad.


Take it from the learners!

mojoVersity has seen tremendous traction in just a month. There are more than 300 businesses enrolled in the platform who have watched over 70 hours of mojoVersity lectures.


Why choose mojoVersity?

Nobody understands a business better than we do. Instamojo has been powering over 800,000 small businesses in India with flagship payment product – payment links, and other value-added services like online store, shipping, working capital loans, and long term loans.

All Instamojo products are built and centred around servicing entrepreneurs of all sizes and enabling them to grow on the internet without having to break a sweat.

mojoVersity brings to you the experience of a classroom, only more hands-on and updated with industry trends directly from experts for no cost to the entrepreneur.

Vision 2025


Join the league of extraordinary entrepreneurs on mojoVersity.


  1. I’ve seen the outstanding growth of Instamojo since day one. Keep growing, keep expanding your business.

  2. Pls reader’s digest India today award winner Education knowledge people matres step by step supported by the government of India thanks

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