New Features: Initiate Full Refunds, View Transactions in a Payout, Export Payouts

On Instamojo, everything that you need for managing payments is at your fingertips, so you can do what you want with your transactions, when you want it.

Last week, we added three nifty features to your Dashboard that will allow you to,

  1. Initiate Full Refunds to your customers
  2. Export Payouts to a CSV file
  3. Export Transactions included in each Payout settlement

Let me walk you through each feature.

1. Initiate Refunds to your customers

Often, you may need to refund a customer or client his full payment due to a number of reasons (product/service unavailability, customer dissatisfaction, redundant payment, etc).

Initiating a refund is easy: Simply navigate to the Sales & Customers page on your Dashboard and expand the detail view of the transaction that you wish to refund. Click on the Request Refund button and walk through the instructions to inform Instamojo’s operations team details such as the reason for refund, the customer’s identity, etc.

Once your request is received, our operations team shall issue a refund to the customer’s bank account or credit/debit card and send an email confirmation of the same to both you and your customer.

Note that in cases where a refund has been requested due to accidental duplicate payments (or any other reason that can be attributed to an error in Instamojo’s systems), no transaction fees shall be deducted from the merchants. For reasons such as unavailability of product/service, product lost/damages, customer being dissatisfied with product/service or any cause that cannot be attributed to Instamojo’s systems, the transaction charge for the refunded payment shall be debited from the merchant from future payouts.

2. Export Payouts to a CSV file
3. Export Transactions included in each Payout settlement

We have added another layer of transparency to your Payout settlement report located in the Payouts section of your Instamojo Dashboard.

You can now reconcile your Payout settlement reports with your accounting systems by exporting a list of settlements as a CSV file. Just click on the ‘Export All Payouts‘ button.

To learn which transactions were included in a particular payout to the bank account registered in your Instamojo profile, click on the ‘Export Transactions‘ button located inside the detail view of each payout. This will download a CSV file comprising a record of the included transactions.

Do give us feedback about these features in the comments or write to us at with your suggestions. We’ll be happy to hear from you and see how we can better this.