An Interview with Siddharth, Founder & CEO of

(Last Updated On: January 21, 2021)

Siddharth runs which provides SMS based products and services for Businesses.

He has been using Instamojo to collect payments for quite some time and he is very happy with Instamojo’s payment solutions. Here’s an interview we had with him recently:

How did you discover Instamojo?

Siddharth: Through my friend on one fine day.

What is the nature of your business? What services/products you sell to your customers?

Siddharth – We provide Digital Marketing services, targeting mainly on SMS service. Our platform provides Enterprises with API connectivity to deliver SMS to its customer through their own ERP applications.

We provide both Transactional SMS to send informational content & promotional sms for marketing purposes.

What would be your advice for people looking to start a small business?

Get started with a Minimum Viable Product and get feedback from customers, keep improving to see if it meet customer’s needs before you invest much of your time & money. Concentrate on innovating the existing product or service to make it more user friendly.

How has Instamojo helped you with collecting payments for your business?

First, Getting started is easy from our perspective. For customers, it’s a faster way to fill the basic 3 field forms to initiate a payment, whereas most other gateways want to fill too much of information on the form.

What is your favourite feature of Instamojo?

User-Friendly Webhook & API integration.

What do you think about our latest innovation: Instapay?

Good move, making it much easier to receive custom payments.

How does Instamojo compare to other similar payment service providers? What differentiates Instamojo from them according to you?

Getting Started almost instantly: No paperwork has competitive transaction fees. Daily payouts, user-friendly interface, SMS notifications on new orders, good support are some of the other pros with Instamojo.