3 Ways to Reach Customers Online Using Digital Marketing

(Last Updated On: June 6, 2021)

India’s internet population is big. As of 2015, there are 24,31,98,922 people in India who are using the internet (source). That’s more than 243 Million! In a few years, India’s internet population will be more than that of the total population in the US.

Whether your business is online or offline, you cannot ignore digital marketing if you want to grow your business.

You already have a huge chunk of your target customers who are online and this number will grow at 10-20% every year.

If you want to spread the word about your products and services, advertising in the offline medium is not going to help. So here are 3 digital marketing methods to get new customers which will have a direct impact on your revenue – 

  1. Create Landing Pages and Drive Traffic
  2. Search Engine Marketing – Google Adwords
  3. Attract Target Customers Using Content Marketing

1. Create Landing Pages and Drive Traffic

Landing pages are different from websites. It has only one goal in mind: to get the visitor to do a specific action. Landing pages can be used to convert visitors into leads or make users sign up for a specific offer.

For example, If you are going to launch a book, you can create a landing page that offers the first chapter of the book in return for the user’s name and email ID.

If 1,000 people opt-in to download the free first chapter, these 1000 people become potential leads who would be interested in buying your book when it is launched. When you launch your book, you can send an email to all the 1,000 leads and a good 10%-20% of them could end up buying your book.

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Of course, landing pages alone cannot help you reach your goals. You need to drive traffic to these landing pages. Y paid advertising like display ads, PPC ads or email ads or you can drive free traffic to them using growth hacks.

Also, make sure that these landing pages are optimized for SEO so that people searching for a specific offer like yours can find your pages via the search engines. If you are wondering how to build landing pages, free landing page builders like Instapage.com will come to the rescue.

2. Search Engine Marketing – Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a great tool to reach potential customers who are looking for you. Since they are already looking for a business like you, it is easier to convert them into customers.

For example, we advertise on Google Adwords for keywords like “payment gateway alternatives”. When people search for these keywords, our ad is shown to them. Our ads are shown only to people who are looking for us – and that is defined with specific search keywords. Since we meet the customers halfway, they are highly likely to become our long term customers and fans.

It takes some time to learn and master advertising on the AdWords platform, but there could be no better ROI than setting up AdWords campaigns for your business.

The best part about AdWords is that there is no minimum or maximum budget. If your marketing budget is just Rs.10,000 a month, you still can run AdWords campaigns and get targeted customers. Once you refine your keywords and get more targeted clicks, you can scale up your campaign.

3. Attract Target Customers Using Content Marketing

Good content attracts attention.

In fact, content is the only source of attracting attention online or offline. By publishing good content in your blog, social media channels, and in other blogs, you can attract target customers and get them to pay attention to you.

Our blog here is a good example of using content to attract attention. Many people who are not yet customers of Instamojo read the articles in our blog and share them on social media.

The topics that we publish are designed to attract an audience who could become long-term customers of Instamojo. With more visitors to our blog, we can expand our brand reach and make more people aware of Instamojo.

Digital marketing is a vast field and there are many more ways to attract the attention of target customers and convert them to paying customers. The ideas in this blog post just scratch the surface. Stay tuned to the Instamojo blog for more digital marketing tips!