13 Best Digital Marketing Tools for Small Businesses


Some digital marketing tools for small businesses come free, some cheap and some are too expensive. But it all boils down to how you use them all. Successful small businesses must learn to manage their money efficiently.  

The right digital marketing tools help in automating repetitive tasks and systematically collecting data to optimize your campaigns.

If you have a small business, these are some of the must-have digital marketing tools you need to use:

Digital Marketing Tools for Tracking

Google Analytics

Every marketer’s best friend keep a track of any content they upload. Google Analytics is widely used by companies of all sizes. As a small business starting out, this is a valuable tool for all your online marketing needs.

Analytics allows you to capture and analyze data on your web traffic and visitors. Effective use of Google Analytics helps you to increase your site’s user experience and conversion rates.

Google Analytics tools are free and help you analyze data in real-time. With analytics, you can also measure: 

  • Onsite engagement
  • Referral sources
  • Unique visitors 


With KISSmetrics, you can find out who your most engaging customers are and convert prospective customers too, once you track and map their journey to your site. This customer engagement automation platform is designed to help you understand your customers’ behaviour.

Digital Marketing Tools for SEO


SEM Rush is a competitor research tool that does everything from social media to tracking to even content marketing. It is the new toy that SEO experts are experimenting with.

SEMRush compares your domain to your competitors, gathers information on your competitors’ keywords and helps you discover new competitors in your sector. Furthermore, this is all done organically.

SEO tools in SEMRush track the keyword strategy your competitors use. It helps run an SEO audit of your content and looks for good backlinking opportunities.

Google Adwords

Google AdWords is easy to use for small businesses because it explains how it can be used. Adwords enable search, display, and video advertising to help you reach customers.

It is better to go for the paid version of Adwords for better features for your business marketing strategies.


If you have WordPress, you must have Yoast. This tool checks the SEO compatibility of your content and compares it with readability tests of its own. Yoast optimizes your content and landing pages to enable better engagement. 

Digital Marketing Tools for Content Marketing


A saving grace for writers and other companies that do not want to waste time proofreading every little bit of content. Grammarly is a software tool that spellchecks your content as you write it. It shows you alternative words, avoids minor errors in content and grammar.


If you want to find out what content your competitors are creating, this is the tool you need to use. Content marketing relies on knowing what other writers are conjuring out there, and Buzzsumo tells you all about it. In short, it is spy software.


It powers 27% of the internet. What more do you want? Every Content marketer must know how to use WordPress, it is FREE! WordPress is the easiest content management system out there and is super reasonably priced. It comes at a good price for small businesses.

Digital Marketing Tools for Email Marketing


If you want to ace your email marketing efforts with customers as a small business, you need to use the MailChimp app. They do not have the CRM feature that you may want, but for a small business, MailChimp has excellent usability and easy integration with the company’s own CRM tool.  

Social Media


Hootsuite saves you time in your social media marketing efforts. The Hootsuite tool allows you to monitor brands and showcases amazing reports too. Schedule all your social media posts using their social media management tool that provides small businesses with a limited free option. The tool allows for tracking engagement on social media.


Robust analytics, easy scheduling mechanisms and an efficient content library make Buffer the perfect tool for social media marketers.

Bonus digital marketing tools to manage projects:


This tool allows you to keep a track of all your team projects in one place and has plugins for other tools like Trello and Google Drive in it too. Companies love to use Slack, mostly because it is a user-friendly company chat.

Slack not only helps teams and departments find a common place to interact professionally but also have reminders and notifications for anything. Slack allows you to keep a TO-DO list for yourself too, that only you can see.

It is a must-have tool for any department in the company that is looking to streamline activities and tasks.


Easy to use and a seamless setup that helps any small business track all their projects. Trello works like a whiteboard, where your team can keep a track of tasks and move it to other statuses (in the process, completed) for the other team members to see.

Trello is free for small business accounts.

What marketing tools do you use for your business? Let us know in the comments.


  1. The Ultimate List for beginners and learners to do wonders in digital marketing. You can also add the Ahrefs Free Keyword Generator tool. It gives accurate results in terms of search volumes Compared to other free tools out there.

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  3. I am a WordPress user and blogging since 2016. I am running multiple blogs and tools you suggested above are pretty useful when it’s come to take blogging as a professional.

    Thanks Chethna

  4. Being a WordPress blogger, I am very close to Yoast SEO plugin. Well there are few tools I found pretty good.

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