How to Use the Power of SEO to Increase Traffic to your Online Store

How to use the power of SEO to drive traffic to your online store
(Last Updated On: March 16, 2022)

It is easy to build an online store for your business, but how does it get noticed by customers who need to find you on the first page of Google itself?

You need to channel the amazing power of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to increase traffic to your online store.

What does SEO mean for your online store?

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is a way to optimize and design your website and branding in a way that search engines like Google, Bing, etc, understand it better and give it higher rankings.

Higher rankings automatically signify more traffic on your website. Organic traffic to your website means there are zero spendings on ads or promotions. your customers find you mainly with keywords.

For example, Instamojo’s content team infuses keywords relevant to the brand to help customers find our website better. So when a customer searches for “How to create online store”, Instamojo appears on the first page of Google, thanks to SEO.

how to create online store

Tips to help you increase traffic to your premium online store with SEO

With more and more eCommerce websites being created every single day, how do you stand out?


1. Find a reliable online store platform

You need to create an online store on a secure platform. For example, if you use Instamojo’s premium online store option, you get access to in-built SEO elements that will boost your store automatically in the search engine rankings. 

Watch this video to learn how you can use basic SEO settings to your Instamojo online store.

2. Target relevant keywords 

SEO is not a shortcut for you to get on Google’s first page. The first step to increase organic traffic to your online store is to start targeting relevant keywords. How do you know what people are looking for? What is the most frequently searched keyword by your customer base? Here are a few of the best SEO tools to help you find relevant keywords for your store (to get the ball rolling).


I highly recommend this tool. This is the best-paid tool for checking competitors’ backlinks and you can also check SERP trends daily, weekly and monthly bases. 

Google Keyword Planner – Free keyword tool

This tool will give you a good idea about keywords in-depth analysis; like what is the search monthly search volume for keywords and also find many relevant keywords for your online stores. 

MOZ Keyword Explorer 

This will help you to find backlinks, based on years. Also, you can check DA & PA with this tool. 

Keywords Everywhere

This is one of my favourite keyword research tools. Add this extension tool in chrome and firefox or any other browser and get keywords easily.

3. Write SEO Friendly Content

Now that you know what keywords work for your brand, how do you distribute it in your content? Let’s explain this with an example for your premium Instamojo online store.

To generate content, you need a Content management system. With the premium online store on Instamojo, it comes with the package. So, when you set up your store, you will see the ‘Add Add the basic SEO meta tags to set up basic SEO for your store.

  • Title – This is the title of your web store that will be visible on the search page of search engines. Make sure to include the keywords you enter later in your title.
  • Description – Give the meta description of your store in approx 50 characters. Make sure to use the keywords you enter later
  • Keywords – The words that appear in your title, description, and your homepage should be entered here. Keywords are important when you optimize your website and thus choose them wisely. Search engines optimize your website by considering the keywords only.

Also, when you ‘Add a product’ to your online store, you get an SEO option available. Here, follow the same pattern. Do not waste your words. Focus on exactly what you wish to communicate to your audience.

how to add product in instamojo store

4. Add images, videos, and quotes to your online store

Go beyond words. While working on creating SEO-friendly content, ensure you work on your image optimization. Add videos to your online marketing game, and ensure you add a title to every image you upload in your online store. Here’s a tip: always name your image with a targeted keyword before uploading it to your e-commerce website.

Also read: How a strong social media presence is brilliant for generating organic traffic to your online store 

5. Use a Simple URL Structure

A simple URL structure not only enhances the user experience but also improves your SEO eCommerce efforts to some extent.

When your eCommerce site has a simple URL structure, it’s easier to share products on social media and other websites. Additionally, it can also improve SEO for eCommerce as it provides more relevant data for search engines.

For the best results, URLs should be as readable and understandable as possible.

For instance, here’s an example of what NOT to do:

Instead, use this URL structure:

6. Keep an eye out for competitors

What are your competitors talking about? Do not copy them, get inspired by them. Why? Two words. Referral traffic. Referral traffic is the traffic that arrives on your website via another external source, through a link. For example, if you have mentioned your competitor or another brand in your content, they could mention you back via a ‘backlink‘.

Besides focusing on your online store, work towards generating external content too. Write blogs, ebooks, guest blogs for other websites and maintain a network of businesses similar to yours. When you ‘spread the word’, keep your customers in mind.

Most importantly, give it time. SEO delivers results if done right. You just need the right platform, so why not get started with one you are familiar with most?


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