What is a landing page? Everything you need to know

Landing page
(Last Updated On: February 11, 2023)

Are you confused about what a landing page is? Most business owners know they’re supposed to have one, but they aren’t entirely sure what it is or what they should be doing with it. Is it like a website? Where do you create one? There are so many questions that need answering.

We’re going to introduce you to what a landing page is, its benefits, how to build one, and examples that’ll help you on your way.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a webpage that has a form/CTA button in it which leads visitors to take action. Unlike other web pages, a landing page is highly-optimised for conversions and focuses on one thing — compelling the visitor to take action. This action can be buying the product/service or signing up on an email list.

Its main purpose is to collect data from customers/leads “landing” on it. They are extensively used in ad and email campaigns.

Here is an example of a landing page that offers a free template in exchange for their email address:

landing page example
Source: themeisle.com

Things to notice: 

  • This landing page has multiple CTA (Call-to-Action) buttons on it that lead to another form/section.
  • It also has a form at the bottom that asks for an email address (collects user’s data).
  • The copy is persuasive and filled with the benefits of the offer.

Who uses a landing page?

A landing page has many purposes and can be used by different kinds of businesses. Here are some common ways landing pages are used:

  • To sell services such as consultation, coaching, and
  • To sell event tickets to conferences, webinars, concerts, etc.
  • To sell a physical product
  • To collect donations and crowdfunding

Landing pages are easy to build and does not take as much time as a complete website. It can be standalone or be linked to an existing website.

Why do businesses use landing pages?

The basic purpose is to drive customers or leads to land on it. Marketers swear by them because they help:

  • Increase conversions: Landing pages can be created with a conversion stratgey instead of being informational. It can generate leads and bring in sales. You can make use of various elements along with content to persuade visitors into converting.

  • Grow your email list: By offering a lead magnet or similar useful material, you can direct visitors into signing up to your email list.

  • Improve SEO value: People searching on Google can find your business easily if you have a well-optimised landing page.

  • Boost credibility: A landing page can help show your brand identity and brings higher chnaces of customer retention.

  • Run ad campaigns and track results: Landing pages are great to direct your ad campaigns to. Since it’s a highly focused page, you can create ads that grab audience attention and bring them to the landing page. Some landing pages also come with tracking features that enable you to measure the success of your campaigns

  • Conduct user research: You can conduct surveys and polls using a landing page to collect user details.

  • Easy to create and launch: Compared to a full-fledged website, landing pages are easy to creat. There are many tools in the market that you can use build a landing page without technical skills.

  • Cost-effective: Most landing page builders are affordable; some even come with a free plan with basic features.

Does your small business need a landing page?

If you already have a website or an online store, you could definitely experiment with landing pages in your social media, email, and ad campaigns. They don’t just help with targeted marketing but also help the customer discover different aspects of your product and service in just a few scrolls.

How to create a landing page with Instamojo

Instamojo Smart Page is the easiest way to create a landing page. You can build one is minutes and start promoting it. Your Smart page also comes with features that help you increase conversions and track ad campaigns.

Instamojo Smart Pages are best for micro businesses that want to try out landing pages at a minimum cost! With integrated payment gateways and a host of other features that help your landing page reach your target audience, these landing pages will help you sell out your services without a headache!

Here’s a landing page promoting a masterclass, created with Instamojo Smart Page:

Here’s a short video to know more about Instamojo Smart Page.

Resources to help you create your first landing page

Creating a landing page might seem overwhelming. Here are some resources to help you out every step of the way:

Create a landing page in minutes!

The Instamojo online store goes beyond just helping you with a landing page. Sure, you can set up a free online store and add as many products as you like – but did you know you could also use Instamojo as an eCommerce store?

Your business needs to have a wow factor, so we introduced over 20+ themes for all our premium plan users to make your landing pages easier to set up.

The best part? If you already have an online store, then you can manage your landing pages from the same dashboard!

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