Introducing Smart Pages: The Simplest eCommerce Landing Page Builder

simple payment page and landing page builder
(Last Updated On: December 13, 2021)

Do you need a one-page website, which you can build in 4 easy steps? Introducing Instamojo Smart Pages — the simplest eCommerce landing page builder!

This product is built for showcasing your services easily and bringing in leads. For service business owners or NGOs, Smart Pages is the product you need to take your initiative online.

Service-Based eCommerce Businesses — Building an Online Presence

Starting a service-based business online is one of the most low-cost business ideas as it requires minimal investment.

Some profitable services business ideas include coaching, mentoring, photography, fitness training, marketing and writing services, and many more.

But creating a successful service-based business online is not easy. It requires you to build trust, get testimonials, and get a wider reach. You need to prove that you are qualified enough and have a strong portfolio.

One of the main challenges when running a service-based eCommerce business is collecting payments. And, you constantly have to rely on UPI ids and other slow methods. A convenient mode for collecting payments is necessary for a service business. You also need a place to display your services.

If you are someone looking to collect donations for a cause online, you will need to reach a wider audience and prove your authenticity.

One way to solve this problem is to build your own website. But, it can be time-consuming, full of hassle, and expensive. Besides, you probably won’t be needing a whole website for your needs.

That’s where Instamojo Smart Pages come in — the solution your service business needs. With this product, you can build a simple landing page to showcase your services and portfolio, collect payments easily, write about your brand, and share it across the internet.

With Smart Pages, you can stay ahead of competitions, get more conversions, and provide a hassle-free experience to your clients.

You can create your own Smart Page for free! You only pay per transaction. For more details on this, check here.

Smart Pages: The Simplest Landing Page Builder

Instamojo Smart Pages is perfect for you if you need a one-page website. If you don’t want a whole website but still need a page to showcase your services, this is for you! It’s the easiest landing page builder for eCommerce. Read on to find out more about its features.

smart page instamojo

Here’s what you can do with a Smart Page:
  • Showcase your portfolio
  • Showcase services
  • Sell event tickets
  • Get clients
  • Collect payments with multiple payment methods
  • Collect donations or funds
  • Upload your lead magnet
Who can benefit from the Instamojo Smart landing page builder?
  • Service-based businesses
  • Freelancers
  • Coaches/trainers
  • Donation drives or crowdfunding


What features and benefits does Smart Pages have?
  • In-built payments for secure checkouts
  • Themes
  • Fully customisable
  • Easiest set-up
  • Free to start
  • Analytics
  • Share link anywhere

How to build a landing page for your business and collect payments 

You can have your own landing page in less than an hour. To start creating your landing page, login to your Instamojo dashboard and select Smart Page. Then, select the ‘create new’ button.

landing page builder simple for ecommerce

You can now start customising the page. Add a title, cover image or video, and pricing option. You should mention the purpose of the pricing. Select a theme for your landing page. You can also use the dark mode for a bolder theme.

instamojo collect payments

There are also detailed options for pricing. So, you can choose to give a discount, limit the number of payments, or allow customers to choose an amount.

simple landing page builder

Type text for payment button CTA and also add page content. Also, you can describe your services, event, donation, or products in detail.

Next, add your profile information and manage profile settings. You can also add links to social media handles.

Now, go to page settings for more custom options for your smart landing page. If you want to collect more customer info, simply enable it and add the necessary details. Also, you can choose to un-publish the page after a period of time or limit the number of payments.

You also get access to post-purchase analytics so that you know how well your business is doing. And, once you are done editing you landing page, press the save and preview button. This is how you page will look like:

easy payment page

Cross-check every detail and hit publish. There you go! You have your own landing page. Share the link anywhere you want.

Instamojo Smart Page is the easiest landing page builder for eCommerce. Apart from giving your brand a platform to showcase its services, you also get features to make your payments hassle-free for you and your clients.

Here are some more sample pages made by Smart Pages:

To get your own single-page website for free, sign up on Instamojo today and start building your Smart Page. Watch this video to get a quick tutorial on Smart Page.

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